Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013: The Year I Become a (SMART) Runner

Last week, I got to guest post over at Run Find Your Happy Pace - an awesome opportunity to connect with some other Sweat Pink ambassadors like Darlena but also to start me on narrowing down my goals for 2013.

My post was all about goal-setting. It's that time of year where people make resolutions, goals, or life changes - whatever you call them, they're all geared with the same purpose. Doing better for yourself, for others, for making a different somehow, some way, to some one (yourself included). While doing some (elementary) research on goal-setting, I came across this and loved it. You can read all about SMART goal-setting in my post at RFYHP.

Using the SMART concept, I've finally narrowed down my goals for 2013. Some of these things are things that I know will happen, some I want to happen, and some are things that are going to take some sincere dedication and self-management to achieve. I set a lot of goals for 2012, some which I achieved and some of which I didn't (reflection on that coming soon). With that, 2013 is a year of attainable, but some challenging, goals.

While of course running and that side of my life is a huge focus, there are other areas that I know need my attention this year, too. I want to ensure I'm balancing all of the above (er, below), but still attaining each goal.

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- 1,000 miles: Last year I set a goal for 800. I didn't really know what that meant, but after finishing 664 of them, I know what it means now. I'm going to do it. 1,000 or bust! 
- Sub-2 hour half marathon: truthfully, this is my first and foremost running-related goal for the new year. My PR currently stands at 2:09:10, so I've got work to do, but I am excited to get to work and see this happen.
- Sub-26 5K: I've worked at my 5K pace and time a lot this year and am happy with my progress. My torrential downpour 5K in December turned out to be a 5K PR at 27:12. Speedwork has certainly made its appearance in my ability to do this and I'm looking forward to more!
- Sub 1-hour 10K: I'm realizing just how many of these are time-based. Which means there's an easy way to say YES, I've reached that goal. I'm finishing 2012 with a 1:00:19 10K so you know 2013 means it's time to break it.
- Finish that marathon standing upright: Of course I have a time goal for that first marathon (you wouldn't expect me not to, would you?), but truthfully... if I can be standing (not crawling or being dragged) across that finish line, I'm satisfied. For the record, if you want my (public) goal, it's a 5-hour first-time full. Do-able. And yes, there are private goals that will remain private unless achievement unlocked. And then, you know... maybe marathon #2.
- 13 in 2013: I absolutely love this challenge and how many people are committing to it (over 600 in the Facebook group already!). I ran 21 races in 2012, so we know 13 is no problem. Let's do this! Are you in?
- Eat better: This is vague, on purpose (I know, totally against the rules from above). More fruits and veggies, less processed junk. Cheating allowed, but overall, more color on my plate!
- VOLUNTEER with at least 2 races: I owe so much to volunteers who have made my races amazing (those especially at the Allstate ATL 13.1). I want to return that favor to some folks, too!

- Student loan paid off: If my current calculations are correct, with a few extra bucks each month and an expected tax return, my loan will be paid off on December 1, 2013. Stoked. Let's make it happen!
- Increase savings: I have a number I'd like to achieve this year. You don't need to know it. Just help make sure I get there. :)
- Make time for those I love: Guilty of letting time waste away and then realizing I didn't call so-and-so, or I haven't talked to them in awhile. Making a commitment to talk on the phone or Skype or FaceTime with my family far, far away, and ensuring that I do this weekly. This is especially true for my grandparents, who I am hereby vowing to call bi-weekly.
- Journal: While I love my blog, I also need a place to write for me. My journal lives in my nightstand and I'm hoping to have at least weekly visits with it!

What are your goals this year? Did you set too many last year like me? How do you ensure you're on track to getting there?


  1. I have running, healthy eating, and personal goals this year too. So glad to see you are also participating in 13 in 2013. I need to do like you and work on improving my speed this year.

    1. I'm super excited about 13 for 2013! I'm making a personal (financial and otherwise) goal that I would like to run local-only races in 2013, with the exception of three races (the marathon in Feb, NWM DC and probably repeating Wine and Dine). Local races are so much fun, cheap, and a great way to get out in your own community.

      Looking forward to following along with your 13 in 2013 too!