Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Track Tuesday 13 + Giveaway Winner!

Good morning!

After last night's 4 miles, I wasn't sure how I'd feeling heading to the track at 5 am today. Note to self: not always the best idea to run 4 miles 11 hours before your track workout. Oops? My legs were feeling tired this morning, though not terrible, so I figured I'd go make what I could of it, considering I'm five days out from that last (almost) half marathon.

Today's work out was a 6 x 400 set, with one mile warm up/cool down to bookend each side of that.
Do you see those splits? I've never pulled off sub-1:40s more than once, let alone starting and finishing these 400s with 1:39s and 1:37s. Woot! Al says I'm certainly already in shape for April 28 and just need to be careful to not over-do it, as that'd be a dis-service to myself. I can say that after the race on Saturday and after today, I certainly feel more in shape than I have in a while. Pretty excited!

And because I know you've been waiting... our ViewSport winner from last week's giveaway! Missed it? Check out ViewSport for some fantastic sweat activated technology - all in cute tanks and other fun stuff. But our lucky, lucky winner is...

Congrats, Tamara! I've sent you an email and you have until Friday, April 5 to respond. Don't miss it!

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  1. Awesome track workout Megan!! You totally have a sub 2 half in you.

    1. Thanks dear! I'm finally starting to REALLY feel like I've got sub-2 coming. It's a good feeling. I hope it sticks around for the next 4 weeks. :)