Friday, April 5, 2013

March Recap

Your slightly belated March recap - I feel like I'm finally back in the swing of things after taking February to recover from Surf City. Woo!

Total run mileage: 73
Highest weekly run mileage: 
# Runs: 15
# Rest days: 15
# Cross-training workouts: 1 (whoops!) / 3 days strength training (whoops also)
# Races: 3
     - JLA Shamrock 'n Roll Road Race 10K (Recap)
     - Georgia Publix Half Marathon (Expo | Race)
     - Color Me Purple 5K (Recap) 
     - Clemson Easter Bunny Half (Recap)
Back in the swing of things!
Favorite run: I'm gonna go with the Color Me Purple 5K from last weekend - the rain held off (for the most part) and it was just simple, easy, and a casual 3 miles to start a Sunday morning. There's nothing wrong with that! Top it off with a little friendship, color-rific fun and you've got yourself a good day. 

Most hardcore run: The Publix Half, by far. Atlanta never fails to surprise me with its hills - you think you got them under control and then they give you a real quick wake-up call that tells you otherwise. Note to self: get on some hills, stat!

Views in Piedmont from Georgia Publix Half.
Current obsession: Finding races for fall. Contemplating signing up for another full, but not sure yet what I'm able to get my hands into. It's torturous, I tell you. Torturous! I would really like to just know where my life is headed. Subtle hints to life on-goings here. We'll see what fall has in store for me.

Current song: You know I'm lovin' me some Macklemore. And if you didn't, well... shame on you. Yes, Thrift Shop is my ultimate guilty pleasure, Same Love is just amazingly beautiful, and Can't Hold Us has found its way to my permanent running playlist. However... you will love this. It will forever be in your head. And you'll have a really, really, really good time

Current need: I've got no races on my calendar past April 28 (NWM) and it's killing me. I also have no cash to be able to do so. With that my need is extra cash. Please and thanks! -wink-

Current triumph: How great working with our track coach has been for the last month. I skipped the week after Publix, but I love seeing what I'm capable of doing when I'm really pushed, and realizing that I know I am capable of things that I don't just imagine... but actually follow through and achieve. It's great having a rabbit to push me on track mornings, and it's great being able to work with Al. Excited for more, excited to push it through NWM training and excited to see where this leads! Hooray!

Current goal: Got my mind on my plans for NWM DC - as you read about last week, pushing myself to hit a sub-2 at Nike in just about four (!) weeks. I'm excited; lots of work to get done in these next few weeks, but I really do feel optimistic and ready to get to work! Here I come, DC. I'm ready for ya!
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Congrats, Tamara! I've sent you an email and you have until Friday, April 5 to respond. Don't miss it!

What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? Goals for April?


  1. Great job with your mileage last month, Megan! Mine pretty much sucked... (Thanks to being sick for almost 1/2 the month.) I don't have any other races on my calendar past 4/20 so I feel your pain. :(

    1. Thanks dear! Feels good to be back in the game. Ready to make April REALLY count - here goes nothing! :)