Monday, May 20, 2013

Race Report: Marigold 10K

38th Annual Marigold 10K | May 18, 2013
Winterville, GA

I decided mid-last week that I was going to run this 10K on Saturday - 10Ks around here (certified, no less) are hard to come by, and given the distance fail of my last 10K, I knew I could set out with something to prove. The course is fast and almost flat, unlike most courses around here, so that was certainly an added plus!

The forecast was that it was supposed to storm this entire weekend, so I was prepared to face the weather when I woke up on Saturday at 6:30 (perks to 7:30 am race times that are 4.3 miles from your home!): drizzly, warm, humid. At first, I was wearing long sleeves with my Athens Road Runner shirt over, and capris and even once I got to Winterville, knew I'd regret that and made a quick costume change at my trunk.

There were a number of folks from ARR who came out to race - check it out! So fun having a group of people who you can hang out with prior and have a great race with - and in matching shirts, to boot.
Photo credit to Julie!

I ran naked for this race - no watch, no phone, no nothing. Still a really odd, but increasingly liberating feeling. I decided I'd just run, go solely based on how I felt, and just see what happens. For the good, I would PR and break my sub-60-minute goal, and for the bad, I'd come in at least close to my standing PR (1:00:19). I knew I bolted out that first mile, as always, but didn't realize how fast until the couple in front of me said so; the lady goes "Oh crap!" to which her boyfriend replies, "What?" and she says "That was like an 8:20!" Oh crap is right - I've picked up on speed, sure, but not that like for a 10K! I backed off and let them take wind.

Ridiculous. At its best.
Just after mile 2, you come by the finishing area (such a tease) and at, let's say, 2.2 miles, I was at a 19:xx, so I knew I was making great timing and feeling pretty strong doing so. It was warm, humid as all get out, and I knew it'd catch up with me. Around mile 4, I got a side stitch that got me down a little bit; Denise, who'd been running behind me, finally caught up, said "C'mon girl, let's go!" and I jogged with her as best as I could before I needed to walk again.

At mile 5, where we come back around to do the first 2 miles(ish) in reverse, I was only at a 47:xx! I had full potential to finally break that sub-60 goal I've been itching for (this is my third 10K of the year already after all!). I banked as much as I could early into that last mile, allowed myself to walk for about 15 seconds. It was about here that it started to sprinkle again - at this point, it was so freaking humid, I hoped it would just pour to cool off, but no luck, it stuck around to sprinkle for a bit and ended just as quickly as it had started.

As soon as I saw the mile 6 sign, I treated those last .2 miles like I was doing my last 400 m lap of a track day - and gave it all I got.

BOOM. Goal accomplished - finally! I finished like 7th out of 16+ in my age group, but was happy about that almost-one minute PR, finally making that goal, and having a successful race while running naked. Running off of feeling helps, people. That was fun!

Other ARR members dominated their age groups, with at least five other folks taking home age group awards and one of our own taking Overall Masters Female. Victory for ARR!

Did you race this weekend? How'd you do?


  1. YYYAAAYYY!!! how exciting and much needed:) you have been workin your tail off this year!! congrats on the great finish girl:)

    1. Thanks love! Very much needed. A little more fuel to keep at it, let myself enjoy running for the sake of running, and knowing that goals are in sight. :)

  2. How awesome! Congrats! I also LOVE the light blue shirt of this race.

    1. Thanks! And yes, I LOVE the blue shirts too! It's so pretty - and it's not white. Thankfully!

  3. Nice job! Congrats on the PR! Running "naked" is a good thing! Sometimes we take up too much energy focusing on our splits than just running!
    I did the RNR Portland 1/2 marathon. I ran the second half without looking at my splits. I just wanted to run on feel. Felt good. I was not looking for a PR but I got one anyway!!