Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Track Tuesday 16

This week was my first track morning without Chandler or Evan - and truth be told, I was a little nervous for how that would affect me. Chandler's a speed-demon bunny for me and Evan's been hot on my heels lately, so they have helped me find a happy pace as I pace myself during those 400s and on. Alarm went off at the bright shining hour of 4:50 and off I went.

I was the only "regular" person there this morning! One woman has been a few times and two ladies were brand spanking new, so this was definitely going to be a test in my ability to pace myself and find where my zone is, being that I didn't know how any of them ran. Ooph.

I would like to lie and say that I totally bottomed out but instead I can say that I totally rocked this morning! Fastest 6 x400s ever : 92s, 93s, 88s, 92s, 93s, & 92s. Holy hot damn, I have no idea where those came from. Dani came in for the last 3, which gave me a bunny to chase finally and those hurt but man, felt oh so good!

I've definitely tapered back in my mileage and running overall since going naked last Monday, but after this morning I can also see how much of a difference it's made, in simply just letting my legs, body and mind recuperate. Aaaaah, bliss. More thoughts on running naked coming on Friday, but I'm really happy I see a physical difference; now it's just working on that mental block.

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  1. Amazing job with those splits, Meg! Maybe going naked has stirred your inner run beast? :)

    1. Thanks love! Still kind of floored I busted out the way I did - and yes, I think it's totally encouraged my inner run beast. Starting to see that running sans-watch is a pressure relief and maybe I have a LOT more to give in my runs than I usually put out. Who knows!