Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Mondays are cruel. Mondays after a superbly fantastic 3-day weekend gallivanting around Atlanta with your boyfriend and some great friends make it even more cruel. Woof. With that, reliving the fabulousness of this past weekend, mostly through photo - enjoy!

Thursday night started with a trip to the airport & this creeptastic restaurant.
Friday's adventure was a trip to the Georgia Aquarium - I can't get enough sea otter adorableness.

Saturday was the World of Coke - my fave!
A gorgeous wedding at the Atlanta History Center.
Kid you not - the doors opened, she stepped out & it started to rain. Hard.
A college reunion for these guys.
Post-rain costume change. Good decision.
And ended with a trip to Stone Mountain on a perfect day.
How was your weekend? Did you anything special? Have you ever attended a wedding in the rain?


  1. Good times and great pictures! I can't believe that it started to rain on the bride! We have been to the World of Coke in Las Vegas. Have you ever done that soda sampling thing they have there? Some of them are just gross!

    1. I haven't done Vegas' World of Coke, but I absolutely LOVE the sampling room they have here too. It's such a great time - and yes, some are seriously gross.

    2. I want to visit you so bad so you can take me there! Also I haven't seen your place and that's just sad....friend fail.

  2. I see that you went to the Vortex. We love that place. Not the healthiest place to eat but I love the food and the people are great.