Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Fun

I'm out for a weekend away! Well, not really away considering I just got back from DC, but a weekend down the road in Atlanta until Sunday evening. So excited!

Get to spend the weekend with this guy! <3

Doug's teammate from college (they played football together at Pomona-Pitzer out in LA) is getting married in Atlanta, so it's pretty much going to be a mini-college reunion for a whole bunch of them. Last night, Doug, his roommate Chris, and his girlfriend Nancy (who we went to Vegas with at Christmas, love them!) got in about 8:30 pm, we grabbed dinner and promptly crashed at the hotel up here in Buckhead. Today it's a day of exploring and fun times showing Chris and Nancy around, since Doug's been before, at the World of Coke (my favorite!) and the Georgia Aquarium (world's largest!) and some other randomness around the ATL.

Tomorrow it's whatever we please and the wedding at this absolutely stunning place on the left. It's absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait to get to explore, even if there's a forecast of storms looming over. It's going to be stunning. I've been ogling over photos online since we found out the wedding was here. Gorgeous. Lots of photos to come on Monday! Long story short is that I'm looking forward to a (mostly) stay-cation for me and gallavanting around Atlanta with some great folks. It should be a great weekend a nice escape from Athens on its graduation weekend (chaos). Hooray!

Hope you have a most wonderful weekend!

What are your exciting plans for this weekend?


  1. That venue is spectacular! Looks like you've already got a jump start on an amazing weekend - enjoy!

    1. It was STUNNING! Hope you had a great weekend too lovely!

  2. Jealous that your weekend has already started but I'll get mine soon enough! My exciting plans are some baby room painting and drinking with my awesome husband tonight. Then Tuscon tomorrow where I get to see the Cochran sisters and we are going to the Biosphere 2 and then we are going to a painting/wine drinking class (mostly excited to drink wine, I'm not too crafty with paints). Sunday is back in Phoenix for Mother's Day with Jon's family, we are planting a garden at Mom Lyons house :) Miss you at work today!

    1. Your weekend sounds like it should have been pretty good - I can't wait to hear about it! :)