Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

First and foremost... 
So many thank yous to our service men and women, who probably don't hear thank you enough and deserve to have more than a day of our gratitude. To those who have served, to those who do currently, and to those who will: thank you!

I love weekends. Long weekends, to boot. This weekend was no different: Saturday morning, I headed out for our weekly group runs with the Athens Road Runners. I'm loving this group more and more - new connections, new folks, and an extra little motivation. For the first time in awhile, I ran the long route (there's usually a group that splits off and does a shorter route) and had a blast with Nina - we even yard saled along the way! Stupendous.
Post-run at Jittery Joe's.
After that, I made my way to Publix for some supplies for Saturday night's OMG SUMMER celebrations - our friend Amanda was celebrating summer (weren't we all?) being that she just survived finished her first year of teaching high school math.
Did anyone call for cupcakes? Highly recommended after running 6 miles.
Molly and I made our way to Cumming for a little summer celebration, complete with grilling, beverages, and these shenanigans:
Have you ever played before? I sure hadn't and I am hooked! So much fun.

Sunday consisted of eventually rolling out of bed (and by 'eventually' I mean, really, we were up by 9) to get packed and ready to go TUBING! My favorite part about summer. Sadly, all the photos are still on the (awesome) waterproof digital camera that Amanda's got, so for now, you get our tubing preparations:
I think we're prepared, don't you?
Sadly, still sunburned. Womp.

And today it's been chillin', cleaning house (thrilling) and generally enjoying having an extra day to myself. Nothing better than a three-day weekend.

To all of you that raced this weekend, congrats on some seriously awesome accomplishments! Especially to the kick-ass Sandy who just knocked off 16 minutes from here marathon time and achieved her dream sub-4! She kicks serious tail. I'm bummed I didn't at least go do a 5K this weekend or something, but also really grateful! Enjoyed some much-needed downtime.

What did you do all weekend? Did you race? And have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? 


  1. Cards Against Humanity? That sounds like an amazingly hilarious game!

  2. I need to find that game! Sounds awesome! This weekend on Memorial Day I ran for Wear Blue: Race to Remember a 3-mile pledge on honor of our military (which I'm part of also). It is always a very humble day for me! Sounds like your weekend was awesome!