Friday, May 31, 2013

May Recap


Can you believe this year is almost half over?

Total run mileage: 50 -- plus 2-ish more tonight after it cools down for my Streak!
Highest weekly run mileage: 
# Runs: 18
# Rest days: 14
# Cross-training workouts: 7. A few walks, a day of yoga and a few core workouts.
# Races: 1
     - Marigold Festival 10K { Race }

Favorite run: No special run this month - seriously, none at all. However, I will say that finally breaking my sub-60-minute goal on my 10K was pretty awesome. And knowing that I can go faster than that (damn side stitch) is even more encouraging. 
Successful finish!

Most hardcore run: I'd say as of recently, this ladder track workout was a doozie. But awesome.

Current need: Few extra bucks so I can sign up for RnR Vegas. Please and thank you. Anyone wanna donate?

Current song: I know how many times I've told y'all that I love me some Macklemore, but every time this comes on the radio (like this morning, on my way to work - can you say perfection?), I get so excited and dance by myself... in the car... yeah, that's right. Love.

Current triumph: I'm finally getting to the point in the month of running naked where I'm almost at peace with just running. Sure, it's still hard, and sure, there are mornings where I'm bolting out the door and I'm curious just how fast I bolted out the door, but it's become almost... refreshing. I'm enjoying just going, doing whatever pace, and seeing however many minutes have passed by the time I get home. Kind of awesome.

Current goal: Chillin'. Running naked for a little while longer. Who knows until when.

My secondary goal is the Summer Running Streak. I also did it last year, and in 38 days ran 80.88 miles. This year's goal in 39 days is to run further than that. I'm also in a bit of a challenge with Tina and Erica to see who puts on the most mileage over the timeframe, so there's a little extra oomph of fun in there! 

Best weekend ever: This weekend.  Food, aquarium, Coke, wedding, and good times with some seriously fantastic people. I'd like to do that all over again.

This May has been super mellow - and I think just what I needed after a super busy spring and a little too much racing. Yes, I said it. I burned out, and at least I recognized it, but am certainly trying to allow myself to totally and completely recuperate now. It's a hard thing to swallow, but if I'm going to jump back in in the fall, I need to be ready to roll.

I'm heading to California next weekend for Disneyland (!) and a wedding, and am looking forward to another uber mellow month. Cheers for that!

What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? Goals for June?


  1. WOW! enjoy your disney trip! Exciting!!
    Goals for june: transition into the summer off school schedule and still fit my workouts in while me kids are home!
    ...and to beat the heat!

    1. I will DEFINITELY enjoy Disney! Woo!

      Beating the heat is always the tough part - ugh. Good luck on that too! ;)

  2. Goals for June: Finish foster/adoption classes!! Make it through streaking without missing a day :)

    1. YAY for finishing classes! I am so so so excited for you guys - can't believe it's almost approval time!

      And yes, streaking will continue. You got this!

  3. I do the same thing when I hear Macklemore!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one. Love starting my mornings jamming in the car to myself!