Monday, June 3, 2013

#RWRunStreak: Week 1


So, Summer Run Streak Week 1 is down and it feels pretty darn good. It's really motivating and fun to see the Twitter feed of all those participating - and using that as extra motivation when I need it most. This week was difficult - while I'm still enjoying running naked (sans-Garmin, if you're new to these parts) and running for the sake of running, it's tough to balance that with the thought that "I have to run today or I won't be streaking anymore!" It's going to take some fine-tuning the next few weeks as I try to manage that .

I remember this being a challenge last year, but not as much as I'm already facing. Again, maybe that mental battle this year...

So here you go... the Week 1 recap:

Monday, May 27: 1.55 miles

I think I forgot what it was like to run in the summer, legitimately. That you either run before dawn or practically in the dark because otherwise you'll drown in your own sweat. You're welcome for that imagery. It was rough.

Tuesday, May 28: 1.25 miles
Intended on only going a mile or so to save my legs for Wednesday morning's track session - so I took Molly along, to force myself to keep it slow. She was probably not happy with that decision, but it seemed to work out well for me!

Wednesday, May 29: 2.25 miles
And then I didn't get out of bed for my track day - just couldn't peel myself out of bed, but that was for the better because when I finally did, my tummy was not happy. So, in hindsight, suppose that was the smarter decision. I ran after work instead, and learned the tough lesson (again) that really, I should be getting up to do these miles in the morning. 

Thursday, May 30: 3.42 miles
Got up in the morning, finally! Had a lovely (finally) more than 2 mile run along the neighborhood routes. The weather was awesome - only 66 degrees - but add in that 97% humidity and I wanted to choke. Can't I just ask for that temperature without the extra blanket of moisture in the air? Please?
Friday, May 31: 1.01 miles
It happened. Barely.

Saturday, June 1: 4.5 miles
Saturday morning group run with the Athens Road Runners, of course! I was contemplating the 6+-mile loop with them, but my legs felt so heavy, I didn't want to push it any more than that. This is only Week 1, after all - there's more to come! Great run though, enjoyed it, and had a solid pace overall.

Sunday, June 2: 1.6 miles
I woke up too late to run in the morning, so opted for the afternoon. I knew it was supposed to storm at some point, so I sucked it up and went to go check out the complex's renovated gym. I'd been on the treadmill for all of 3 minutes when the sky burst open and it poured - so I got a great (seriously) cool-down walk back home. Treadmills suck, in other news.

Much like last year, the first and foremost thing I'm learning this week is that I really need to take the time to stretch post-run. Not that I'm feeling tight or sore necessarily, but after pounding the pavement for 39 days straight, I know my legs will appreciate it.

In Week 2, I'm looking forward to racing a 5K on Saturday (my first 5K I'm racing since I started track workouts three months ago, so I'm excited to see what I can accomplish) and cheering on my dad through his first 5K EVER, a weekend in California, and continuing this streak... and my current first-place standing!

How did you do on Week 1? Goals for Week 2?


  1. Go Dad! What 5K are you guys doing?

    1. I think I already told you, but there's a 5K at Ontario Mills! I was going to do the 10K, but the course kinda sucks, so just gonna do the 5K. I think Lou is coming to cheer us on too!

  2. So proud of you girlie! My body can't handle running every day (even if it's just short distances) so more power to ya. How exciting that your dad is running his first 5k - way to go Pops!!

    1. Thanks love! You know, I did the Streak last year and while it was tough, it wasn't as physically demanding as I'd expected - it was seriously more mental.

      And yes, so excited for my daddio! Send good vibes on Saturday! :)

  3. How cool! Good luck to daddy-o! :)

    1. Thanks! I'll pass on the good lucks!

  4. I think we need to discuss this statement: "and continuing this streak... and my current first-place standing!" I'd like to be first place just one week please, I may not have humidity but the lowest it'll get on my runs is 80 degrees and that's just about to end. I took on a challenge to run a mile a day I didn't realize you girls were going to be pushing me to 3 miles a day just to keep up!

    1. What fun is a challenge without a little good competition? :) And besides... getting used to miles now, in the summer, will give you a good, solid base for training for Vegas and Phoenix.

      See... challenge justified. :)