Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Fun

Hello from sunny California! Not that Georgia isn't sunny, but hello, then, from sunny, dry California! I'm out for the weekend for one of Doug's co-worker's weddings, but took the opportunity to get to one of my favorite places ever:

WOO! Doug and I are playing around here all day today - so excited! We had a pretty good tradition of going every Christmas, but haven't made it in a few years for one reason or another, so he threw out the idea of throwing in a Disney Day while I was out this weekend. Yes. Please.

Tomorrow morning, Doug, and I are running a 5K at Ontario Mills - fast, easy, flat. Better yet, my dad is joining us - at 53, my dad's running his first 5K ever! I am so so so excited he's doing this with us and am excited to be able to cheer him in. So proud. More on that on Monday - but send him some virtual love tomorrow!

After that, it's the wedding and all kinds of related fun, chilling with my parents on Sunday, and then a red-eye back to Atlanta and straight to work Monday morning. Sounds like a fun way to end the weekend, no?

What are your exciting weekend plans? 


  1. So jealous!!! I am a bit homesick (from soCal) but am also "homesick" for WDW....(addicted much?) I'm going to be running a half marathon and seeing a concert this weekend, so excited!

    Refresh my memory, are you on Instagram? I want to lurk your photos if I don't already- I need my disney fix!


    1. Disney is totally an addiction - so I hear you!

      Hope you got to follow on IG a lot. I didn't end up posting too much but hope it got you something! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Disneyland is so fun! Have a good time. I am excited that it is Friday, that it is National Donut Day and most of all that I get to meet up with some super nice people on Saturday!

    1. So glad to have gotten to connect! Glad you found me right away, haha! Great job on Saturday!