Tuesday, June 11, 2013

#RWRunStreak: Week 2 & Weekend Wrap Up


So, Summer Run Streak Week 1 is down and it feels pretty darn good. It's really motivating and fun to see the Twitter feed of all those participating - and using that as extra motivation when I need it most. This week was difficult - while I'm still enjoying running naked (sans-Garmin, if you're new to these parts) and running for the sake of running, it's tough to balance that with the thought that "I have to run today or I won't be streaking anymore!" It's going to take some fine-tuning the next few weeks as I try to manage that .

The Week 2 recap:

Monday, June 3 (8): 2.0 miles

By the time Monday evening rolled around, the last thing I wanted to go do was run - so I headed to the apartment gym, vowed that I'd only do a mile. I hopped and set the dreadmill to 9:40, just to push myself a little, and felt so decent (shocker!) that I kept on going and dropped the Mile 2 pace to a 9:31 (first 1/2), 9:13 (400 m) and 7:35 (400 m) pace. I was sweating buckets by the end. Success.

Tuesday, June 4 (9): 2.35 miles

I know part of my challenge has been getting up in the mornings - but especially on Tuesdays, I don't want to run in the evenings because of our Wednesday morning track workouts. Peeled myself out of bed and aimed to get in at least 2 miles - morning success! Beautiful morning temperature-wise and loved starting my day this way!

Wednesday, June 5 (10): 4.0 miles + 3.0 miles = 7 mile day! 
The first run of the day came along with my regular Wednesday track workout. Tough workout, but good. Surprisingly my legs weren't all that tired after work, and being that it was National Running Day, the ARR had a group run and cookout planned, even despite the thunderstorms schedule. 3 more miles on the day? Why not! 
ARR group runners.
Thursday, June 6 (11): 2.50 miles
Had to get in morning miles, as I was hopping on a plane after work to LA for the weekend - morning was cool which felt awesome, but per usual (thanks summertime), I was drenched in the humidity. A great way to start the day - hopefully I'll get more of these morning runs in again soon!

Friday, June 7 (12): 1.52 miles

I managed to convince Doug to come run with me! So we took a quick running tour of his neighborhood around the community loop. Intentionally did not get too far, as we spent the afternoon at Disneyland and were trying to save some energy and leg power for Saturday's 5K.
Saturday, June 8 (13): Ontario Mills 5K, 3.14 mi
My dad's first 5K! Doug and I went to run it as well, and in a last-minute decision, my uncle came and ran too! Fast, flat course, but after 10-11 hours on my legs at Disneyland the night before, it was a little hard. I PRed by 2 seconds, but know I could have given a lot more than that. Ah well, Disney was worth the sacrifice! :)

5K recap coming on Friday - though it's nothing to write home about, but it was a good race.

Saturday afternoon, Doug and I went to lunch with my grandparents and other uncle, to ensure I got some grandparent time in over my short visit home for the weekend. After that, it was finally relaxing for a bit and getting off to Cal State Fullerton and another wedding!
The wedding was absolutely beautiful - the aisle was through that canopied gazebo you see above there, and she had done nearly all the decorations herself. It got cool outside quite fast, but was a fun time. It was also odd only knowing Doug, and he himself only knowing about three or four other people there - a far cry from the Atlanta wedding we were just at in May!

Sunday, June 9 (14): 1.01 mi
Treadmill miles. Boo.

Looking forward to getting back in some outside runs this week - I need some morning sunshine boosts! There's been lots of rain lately, too, which has made for some new challenges. Moving on to week 3, and maintaining that first place status with Tina and Erica! Keep it up ladies!

How did you do on Week 2? Goals for Week 3?


  1. You are a busy woman! Between all of the traveling, weddings, Disneyland and running you are full of energy! So nice to meet you! We will have to have breakfast next time!

    1. You'd think I'd slow down at some point, right? Maybe I'm just hitting my prime. :) Breakfast next time for sure!

  2. Love seeing that high midweek mileage - good job, Meg!! Keep up the streaking! (which is something you've probably never been told before...)