Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Track Tuesday 19

The Run Streak hasn't really made my legs feel all that tired, surprisingly. However, I will say that after this morning, I was certainly feeling it.

This morning was warm, but not unbearable, but humid as you can only imagine. Even the fence was 'sweating' because the air was so thick. Nasty. Poor choice in wearing a short-sleeve tee (side note: need to order more tanks to run in this summer or I'll die). Al had us set up for a half-ladder workout: 1 mile, half mile, 400 m, and 200 m, book-ended by a warm up and cool down, of course.

The mile felt good - for once I actually felt consistent, and after it was done, Al confirmed that nearly every 400 lap was almost completely even. Success! The half mile was rough, but felt good and the pace was on target from the miler (even a little quicker). As we headed out into the 400 though, my quad totally seized and cramped and for once.. I stopped and got to the side. Walked it out for a bit, and let them finish and get their 200 m sprint too. Afterwards, I felt good enough to give a 400 a go - also a success, but certainly sore. Rolling is definitely in the future again today and for the next few - whew! Not a happy way to end the morning.

.75 warm up (8:00/10:40 pace)
1 mile (7:31/7:31 pace)
.5 mile (3:27/6:54 pace)
.25 mile (1:36/6:24 pace)
.25 cool down (2:30/10:00 pace )

I probably should have cooled down more but I knew I had a puppy waiting for me at home to get walking too, so that works out. I love Wednesday mornings!

Today is also set out to be an awesome day -- who all is going to see Spirit of the Marathon tonight? I absolutely loved Spirit of the Marathon - I watched it last year on the flight home from Hungary and felt totally and completely inspired. That was after only half marathon #1, a month before #2, and two months before what came to be the day I signed up for my first full. I tell you, inspirational!

Spirit II features "the personal journeys of a new cast of seven athletes as they run the iconic streets of Rome, Italy, the film also includes interviews with marathon greats such as Stefano Baldini, Paula Radcliffe, Frank Shorter and many others."
I'm heading down to Atlanta this evening after work to meet up with a few lovely ladies to take this all in. It's in theaters tonight only, so don't miss out if you want to find a little inspiration!

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