Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Track Tuesday 20

The Run Streak has got my right calf all kinds of grumpy lately - not hurting, but certainly reminding me that I need to stretch more than I do - which you know, is like never. Seriously. Runner fail. After last night's progressive 3-miler, I should have stretched more than I did (which is not at all), or at least taken it a bit easier last night. Oops.

This morning was warm - almost 70 degrees at 5 am - and I felt it from the start. I knew we were in for a tough morning. Little did I know how tough. Coach Al's been talking about setting us out for a full 800m workout, but we haven't gotten it in yet. Today was the day...

800s. Here we go. He said I should be on track for about 3:30 in each 800 set - and well.. I delivered. At least one:

1. 3:30
2. 3:32
3. 3:34
4. 3:38
5: 3:42

I was supposed to set on the sixth with almost every one else and about 100m in, my quad seized again, like it did about two weeks ago. With all the traveling lately, I think it finally caught up with me. Not to mention having never done an 800 workout, setting myself up to be sure I'd make it through without hurting. Oh well. Set off on a cool down walk/jog, headed home, and walked Molly to really stretch it out. Tonight's agenda includes stretching (for real) and stick-rolling the heck out of my leg. At least the sunrise made it worth getting up.

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How do you hold yourself accountable during traveling - especially with your fitness? And jumping back in the game after you're home and back in the swing of things? Tips?

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