Monday, June 24, 2013

#RWRunStreak Week 4


So, Summer Run Streak is winding down! We're headed into our last full week - the last week is only 4 days, ending on July Fourth. Can you believe it? How is June almost over? Insanity.

This week was just as long as last week and certainly made for a less than stellar set up for some good mileage. Traveling again makes for a really difficult time in adjusting and getting yourself out there - funny to think how committed I was last year and ran ... on a boat! Almost all my runs this week were on the treadmill, which we all I know I hate more than Gu (that's a lot, FYI), and was some sheer mental torture. Week survived, but not by much!

Monday, June 17: 1.25  miles

Treadmill miles, nothing terribly exciting. I tried to push it a little bit, and did this in just over 11 minutes for a low 9-something pace. Not bad, all things considered.

Tuesday, June 18: 2.10 miles
Travels for the week - do you know where I was? I got these miles done on a warm but beautiful morning - I think I was just happy to be outside and not on a treadmill! What a relief.

More on this locale later this week! 

Wednesday, June 19: 1.00 miles
More treadmill miles - woo?

Thursday, June 20: 1.00 miles
You guessed it - treadmill mile! I got back to Georgia early Thursday morning from a red-eye during which I slept maybe an hour and a half. It was pretty close to as terrible as you can get. I managed to get myself to the apartment gym Thursday night for a lousy, slow, stupid mile.

Friday, June 21: 2.32 miles
Despite being just as tired as Thursday, Friday morning was my only chance to get my miles in, so I got up and out the door before 7 to get some mileage in around the neighborhood. I wanted to go a little further but just couldn't get into it - and was pushing it on time anyway.
Friday night HP had a gathering at DBA BBQ (om nom nom) for part 1 of her going away celebrations. She's moving to San Francisco! I am so excited for her - but I know she's certainly going to be missed around here, given the sheer number of people that came out to celebrate. Dinner and drinks followed at the Family Dog - I drove home that night (which I regret) and managed to make it home at the ungodly hour of 1:15 am. Poor decision.

Saturday, June 22: 4.01 miles
I set off to get in a good run with the Road Runners this morning - but after that drive back from Atlanta, I barely rolled myself out of bed to even go. But I missed them so much! Only a few people split off do to the 3-miler, but I figured I'd suck it up and do the 6-mile loop, figuring that Peachtree isn't that far away and I haven't done any decent long runs in a while. Yeah, that sucked. I cut out early and ran back for an almost exactly even 4 miles.

Sunday, June 23: 3.11 miles 
Sunday was pretty stupendous - laundry, TV, and a whole lot of nothing. Olivia and I took the pups to the dog park; I came up with the genius idea of running home from the park afterwards, so I could be sure to get my numbers on the chart for today. That idea turned into the even more genius idea of me running to Baskin Robbins while Olivia dropped the girls off at home - so my run literally ended in the BR parking lot. Best. Idea. Ever. Highly suggested for a warm, summer evening!
Yep, good idea.

Total Week Miles: 14.79
Total Streak Miles:  61.26

Erica killed her half marathon yesterday morning and while Tina and I knew it was coming, we didn't entirely adequately pull a lead early in the game. So Erica's up for this week. Snaps for Erica! One full week left to go - who's going to pull ahead?

How did you do on Week 4?Do you ever run to go get ice cream and feel less guilty? Flavor of choice?


  1. You make me smile - I think I'm going to find an ice cream place and run to it - Except I'd be concerned about the run home...

    1. Do it! One of my best decisions to date. :)

    2. Or run there and have Jon meet you there so you have a ride home...