Monday, June 17, 2013

#RWRunStreak Week 3


So, Summer Run Streak Week 3 is now in the books too. This week was rough, after recovering from Sunday night's red-eye back from the left coast for the weekend, and trying to catch up on life and settling back in. I felt exhausted all week, like I never really caught up from 4.5 crappy hours of sleep on that flight back. With that, though, I managed to get in my miles, even made it to our 5:30 am track sesh on Wednesday, and to just keep going... as rough as it was!

Week 3 the books! Just over two weeks two go - can I pass last year's mileage? We'll see!

Monday, June 10: 1.01  miles

One easy quick mile after work to ensure I got my mile in. After wanting to do nothing but sleep, I'm happy I got this far!

Tuesday, June 11: 1.55 miles
Made up in the morning to get it done - got a little extra distance in, which felt good, but I still feel like I'm stuck in that 1-mile zone and would really like to bust out of that!

Wednesday, June 12: 2.75 miles
Back at track practice this morning and it felt soooooo good! An awesome half-ladder workout to start the day is a good day in the making. But you can read all about that here. And then, obviously, like most runners in America, I spent my Wednesday night driving just over an hour in each direction (okay, that's probably not the 'most' part) to get inspired with this:
I haven't talked about this yet, or in awhile, but yes, I have another marathon itch. Now knowing that I can even just do a 26.2 mile race is good, but not good enough. I hope to start training for a race in late fall or winter and see what I can actually do when I train for time. More on that soon!

Thursday, June 13: 1.30 miles
Done. It was supposed to storm nearly all of the evening, and it sure did - some nasty winds and beautiful lightning, but the power was flickering so much, I didn't even want to attempt a mile on the treadmill at the gym. So Molly and I walked about .3  miles and called it a day when the lightning came back full-force. Oh well?

Friday, June 14: 1.25 miles
Finally got my butt out of bed - it was way too muggy from Thursday's storm to want to run outisde, so I finished my Thursday mileage and added on a little extra to break past this exactly-one-mile funk.Screw you, #RWRunStreak, and dear self: you don't always need to be so competitive!
Saturday, June 15: 1.01 miles
It happened. Like much of this week, it happened just barely.

Sunday, June 16: 2.5 miles 
Here's a shocking revelation for you, friends: the faster you run on the treadmill, the faster it's over. I know, I know, you didn't see that one coming. You're welcome for making your dreadmill time now seemingly bearable. ;)

Total Week Miles: 11.37 mi
Total Streak Miles:  46.47 mi

A super duper shout out to Tina because she totally killed this week and pulled ahead of me by almost 4 miles, and ahead of Erica by nearly ten. Killer. Snaps for Tina!

How did you do on Week 3? Goals for Week 4?


  1. First comment: Training in the fall or winter for a full marathon?!?! I KNEW this was coming but might I point out that training in the fall could land you for a perfectly flat, gorgeous weather race in Phoenix, AZ in January?!?!?! Just a thought :)

    Second comment: Where's my love for finally being in the lead?!?! J/k - I know you had a rough week!

    1. You know what race I'm thinking of... silly! That's why it says "More on that soon!" :)

      And yes - edited to give you a little love. You had a killer week!

  2. Keep it going strong, Meg! I always want to do the RW streak challenge but my body does NOT like running every day. (Even if it's just a mile.)

    PS - I'm super excited the marathon bug has bit you again!

  3. Hi! I found your blog when you liked a picture of mine on Insta. I'm going the runstreak's definitely hard to keep up while traveling! Good work!