Friday, July 26, 2013

Cocktails, Conversation and Chocolate

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I had the really cool opportunity to attend this on Wednesday night:

I was really excited as first, it was my first real bloggers' event and secondly, I'm excited to say that I'm serving as an ambassador (of all things chocolate) for them again -- but more on that in a minute!

Surely by now you've heard of the chocolatey goodness that is the Hot Chocolate race series. If you haven't, you're clearly not a chocolate lover and clearly not paying attention. These races span everywhere from San Diego to St. Louis and Chicago to Dallas, and feature both a 5 and 15K at each race, coupled with pretty much the most delicious post-race party ever -- and some sweet swag to boot!

Wednesday night's event was at the super snazzy Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown LA - it's still a trip to think that I live here now. Beautiful hotel, gorgeous rooms and decor. I digress. I showed just about 6:05, which is rather early for LA time given the traffic, and was one of the first non-RAM racing folks to show up. At first I was a little intimidated, no lie, but soon found Josiah (the awesome ambassador coordinator who does a whole bunch of marketing fun stuff) and connected and got to talking with him and another guy who was just as "early" as I was, from the LA Running Club.

Hangin' with Steve.
Soon people were milling all over, and while I hardly talked to most of the other bloggers or local race directors or other folks, I had a great time meeting the staff from RAM and interacting with a few other local runners. I'll find my niche here at some point!

Steve Ginsberg, one of the founders to RAM Racing, spent a few minutes talking about RAM's history, how it came to be the racing company that it is, and covered everything from their original races (like the Bucktown 5K and the Cinco de Miler) and eventually, how Hot Chocolate came to be! The discussion then turned to the future. Hot Chocolate races obviously provide you with steaming hot chocolate at the end, thus typically holding races during the cooler months (October-April in most locations). What RAM realized though was the opportunity to do the reverse and not necessarily give up some months just because they're warmer. Runners' safety is accounted for, of course, however, there are chances to do other great things! And thus...

Los Angeles is serving as home to the first Frozen Hot Chocolate! I know, I know 'frozen' and 'hot' don't belong together, but as they assured us, it's truly a frozen chocolate drink (the final agreed term was 'malt' but don't hold me to that). And being that the weather is a little too warm for that famous tech hoodie, the swag bags for the frozen race will include both a tech shirt (they are so soft - both in men's and women's cuts!) and one of two choices of sport sunglasses (two color options each too)!. Still a pretty sweet deal if you ask me (pun intended).

Since I served as an Ambassador to the new Atlanta race for 2013, and pending my move (at the time), I was able to snag a spot by serving as an Ambassador for Los Angeles, now that I'm here and settled! Pretty exciting, if you ask me. So what does this mean for you? Extra swag!

use code LAmug1 
when you register to add this adorable travel mug to your chocolate swag collection!

Who will I see there? Will you be doing the 5K or the 10K?

As an ambassador, I do not automatically receive a race entry, merely various RAM racing products and marketing supplies to aid in the recruitment of runners for this event. All opinions and thoughts are my own and do not necessarily reflect that of RAM Racing. I like chocolate, I like running, and I definitely like running for chocolate and would probably do so without all the extra fun stuff that Ambassadors are privy to!

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