Monday, July 22, 2013

Rave Run: Pittsburgh

For as much as I travel, I wish had always thought to do one single post on the run I'd taken in that city and showcased some of the highlights of the running adventure. Last year in Salt Lake City, interview adventures in various cities, and now most recently: Pittsburgh! While Pitt is not necessarily a new city per se, having kicked off our Ragnar adventures there last September (has it almost been a year?!), I hadn't run the city itself yet.

My sorority's national convention was in downtown Pittsburgh this past weekend, Thursday-Sunday, so I took the time to ensure I got some running time in with Shannon and Cathryn as tour guides. Our hotel was downtown in the Bigelow Square area, not far from Point State Park, Duquesne, and some other really cool landmarks in downtown. Shannon and Cathryn came and picked us up at 6:15 am on Friday to drive to the Point and get in some miles.

Pretty much going to be all photos, but you'll get why I could imagine running here all the time. The river reminded me a lot of Austin's Town Lake area and was a great place to run - minus the fact that it was crazy humid that morning, it was perfect all around.

Gorgeous morning scenery!
Pirates weren't home this weekend, but at least we got to crash PNC Park!

I made a new friend.
North Shore trails are awesome - perfect for the number of bikers and runners we saw. Loved it!

Can you beat this?
Sweaty friends!
 All in all, we got 4.3 super sweaty, humid miles in along North Shore, past PNC, under and around bridges, and past the Andy Warhol museum. Pretty cool sights, and I wish I had had more time to explore. However, this run turned out to be all the sight-seeing I got to do at all this weekend, so I'm grateful for that! All photo credit to Shannon and Cathryn. Thanks guys for a great tour!

Have you ever been to Pittsburgh - ran Pittsburgh? Favorite city to run?


  1. Never been to Pittsburgh and I think my favorite city to run in might be San Francisco. I have been there but have never ran there but I can tell you that I know I will like it there!

    1. You're a beast with those hills then! :)