Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On the Road Again: We're Home!

We made it!

Yesterday's trip was Albuquerque to Phoenix, not terrible, and certainly more scenic than the Texas flatlands up north. The mesas and colors in New Mexico and northern Arizona never fail to astound me!
Please ignore my foot in the photo.
We stopped in Winslow, Arizona, for a fun little side stop:

Last night we got to stop in Phoenix with Jon and Tina, one of my beloved besties and regular road trip stop. When I moved to Georgia, Dad and I got to hang with them for a night (and by night I mean we were there about 8 hours and slept about 7 of them) - and I hung with them in Phoenix for a week on my way out of Texas. Love them and am so grateful! Anyhow, so we met up with Monica and Todd and their cutie pie, Jace, for dinner to catch up - I didn't think to get a photo. I was way too tired!

This morning, we slept in a little bit, knowing we had a fairly short drive ahead of us (shortest drive of the whole trip), and got out of Phoenix about 10:30 this morning. After a stop at the Colorado River for Molly to get a little swim in (check out my Instagram for more road trip fun), we were finally in state #10! Hooray!
State #10 and our final state line!
And now... we're home! We got to my parents' house about 4:45 this afternoon after an easy 5-hour, where sleepiness promptly punched me in the face, so I'm off to bed here soon! Can't wait to sleep in with plans to go nowhere... mostly.

Tomorrow: to nowhere! We're here!


  1. Welcome Home! Glad you made it here safely! What is next...the wedding?

  2. sooo glad you made it safe and had some serious fun on the way! welcome back west:)

  3. It was wonderful to see you again and hopefully I'll see you more often now that you are so much closer!!