Monday, July 8, 2013

On the Road Again: Days 2 & 3

So sorry I didn't get to post last night - it was a long day, and we actually go out and had a little fun last night in Oklahoma City. Sunday, or Day 2, as I'm trying to keep my days, dates and time zones straight, was from Memphis to Oklahoma City. Not terrible, but a pretty decent drive.

We made it to OKC just about 6:30, and headed down to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum - while the museum was closed, we got to walk around the memorial and listen to a park ranger for a bit. While I was young when this bombing happened (5th grade), and I don't think it resonates with me as hard as say, 9/11 or Columbine, walking around the memorial and listening to all the stories and different aspects of the memorial and why it was designed the way it was made it very real. A beautiful memorial; I would love to get back to see the museum at some point.
After that, we headed over to Bricktown to walk around a bit and grab dinner - our first non-fast-foody kinda food finally! We had a great dinner at Bourbon Street Cafe and enjoyed being outside. Bricktown is a seemingly very mini-version of San Antonio's Riverwalk (which I love), and the weather was decent enough to enjoy it. Being a Sunday, it wasn't super alive, but I can certainly tell this is quite the place to be!
And today I write from...

Day 3! I'm tired. Have I said that yet? This morning we left OKC and headed down to Norman, home of the University of Oklahoma. More student affairs nerdiness at its best! While it was almost an extra hour we were on the road, it was a fun trip and another neat campus to see. I'm grateful for Doug putting up with the nerd in me - I think I keep him amused by making sure we stake out each campus' football stadium. Wins for everyone!

After blasting through Oklahoma, we were finally into Texas (Molly's home state!) and got to stop somewhere I've always wanted to go check out: Cadillac Ranch (more)! I was so excited - and truthfully, not disappointed. You really have to be in to such randomness, but the concept is really quite cool. We signed about four cars, so hopefully our names stay for a liiiiiitle while (they say that if you bring spray paint, also bring a camera because your art will be there less than 24 hours).
{ source - since my photos aren't uploading}

Doug drove all day today (he's the best, have I said that?) and we are chillin' here in Albuquerque for the evening where we were greeted with a pretty substantial summer monsoon. Happy Monday, friends! Good night! Tomorrow: to Phoenix!


  1. What a trip! I am not big on driving long distance but you make it sound like fun. Molly is such a trooper! Glad you brought her along for the fun!

    1. I like road trips - a lot, really - but yeah, this was exhausting. :) Molly's quite the trooper. I can only imagine what confusion it is for a dog!