Saturday, July 6, 2013

On the Road Again: Day 1

Hello from ...

Day 1 in the books. Athens to Memphis isn't a terrible drive, goes pretty quickly (we did it in about 8 hours) and thank goodness for how green the south is! I just love it and it certainly makes the southwest part of this drive be more bearable with all the greenery we get to experience prior to that. The desert is dull.

Today started with a fairly early alarm to ensure we got the last bit of furniture (ahem, the mattress) down to the POD and locked up and ready to go when the POD movers arrived. They got to the complex about 12:30, with an estimated time of 1-2 pm. We were just fighting with the mattress when the truck arrived and the super awesome dude helped us finish getting our stuff together.
Just about on the road!
Today's drive was mellow, just over seven hours down to Atlanta, through Alabama, Mississippi, and up to Memphis. While on the way, I made sure we had some fun though. It's mandatory, especially on such a long drive. I've always wanted to visit Ole Miss's campus so I made sure we made a slight detour (but still on the way) to Oxford to check things out. Gorgeous campus! 
After that, it was a quick buzz up to Memphis where we're staying down here near Graceland.We are beat - we fought rain almost all the way through Alabama and that threw Molly for a loop for quite a bit. She spent the last half of Mississippi in my lap, and then from Oxford to Memphis slept in my lap - she was fighting sleep for a while, so hopefully that calmed her down for a bit. She's already passed out here on our hotel floor.

For now, friends.. I am wiped. It's bed time here in Memphis! Tomorrow: to Oklahoma City!


  1. If you pass through Elk City, OK say hi to Bar-S for me!!!

    1. I told you, I think... but we did!