Sunday, December 8, 2013

Race Report: Claremont Sunrise Rotary Turkey Trot 5K

Claremont Sunrise Rotary Turkey Trot | November 28, 2013
Claremont, California
(side note: I really enjoy that California is typed a lot now) :)

HOLLER for overdue blog posts. Guess I had to write this one before I could tell you about yesterday's PR... oops?

As I have for the last two years now (2011, 2012), I was determined to find another turkey trot race to do Thanksgiving morning before I gorged on deliciousness the rest of the day. Claremont is not even 10 miles up the road from me, and a cute little area to run in, so why not? I also learned that Caroline was running too -- and we easily pulled Sandy into the fun. Hooray!

Finally meeting Caroline & seeing Sandy again!
Given my lack of running since Vegas, I wasn't pushing for anything in particular, just wanted to see how this little race would go. I was happy I was out, it was a gorgeous morning, and I was earnin' my turkey for the rest of the day (or at least a little extra).

The race starts in downtown Claremont, near the Metrolink station, and winds its way through the Claremont Colleges. Doug went to school up there, so for the better part of the entire race, I knew exactly where I was (sometimes that's so nice!). Gorgeous campuses, gorgeous residential areas - no complaints! 
Can you ask for any better?
The course is fast and flat, and ends on a easy downgrade coming down back towards the station. I booked pretty well, running the last mile at my fastest compared to the other two, and was happy that as soon as you turn the last corner, the finish line is not even 30 yards from there which makes for  a quick, easy ride.
Happy finisher! (thanks to Sandy's hubby for photos!)
Not a stellar race with a finish of 28:32, but for what it was... a good run, a good morning, and a good way to start Thanksgiving for the third year in a row!

Belated... did you do a Turkey Trot of some kind? Just a 5K or did you go for more to EARN that turkey? I read somewhere that to run off the average Thanksgiving dinner, you'd need to run 12.3 miles. Heck. No. 



  1. So nice to see you and thanks for forcing me to run this race ha ha! You are going to have to show me how to run a fast 5K without any speed work!

    1. You're already speedy -- you need to show ME how to get so speedy!