Sunday, December 1, 2013

Race Report: Graffiti Run

Graffiti Run | Los Angeles County Fairplex
November 24, 2013

Squeaky clean!
 We actually got a Group On for this race back in August or so, and having done a few color runs before, I was more than excited to get another reason to get colorfully, wonderfully, messy! Yes please! Doug and I were going, in addition to his roommate Chris, and his girlfriend Nancy. Chris turned into an airport taxi so he  missed and Nancy ended up with another friend -- so Doug and I did our own thing and had a colorful, messy blast.

The fairgrounds are pretty big, and the course wove its way through the entire complex -- I haven't been to the county fair in a loooong time (at least high school?) so it was neat being back and running through some areas I don't think I'd ever seen before! It seemed pretty empty when we got there, but we headed straight into a corral to get on our way -- we stood around less than ten minutes and got to get moving!

I don't think it works this way...
The only thing that confused me was that the race announcer had people opening their color packets before we took off -- aren't you supposed to start this run all white and get colored as you go? Doug and I opted to hold on to our packets, caught some residue pink and green powder, but stayed as white as we could so we could get extra colorful throughout the run...

If you've done any color run, you know the drill: run through a color 'station', hopefully find some awesome volunteers that pommel you with dyed cornstarch powder. If you find the really awesome volunteers, they're the ones that notice that you have white spots and try to "fix" that problem for you. Case and point: Doug.

Needless to say, he got pommeled in pink. The girl managed to get him straight in the head, even though he had a few inches over her. It was kind of awesome.

All in all, this was a good time. The shirts are kind of adorable (they have the logo from up top) and you got a colored sweat band on top of that. The after party was kind of lame, but had a sweet photo booth from a local health insurance company, and a few food vendors. We didn't stick around long.

One thing I did thing was super awesome: they had volunteers with industrial blowers to blow all the extra dust off you before you got into your car. Genius idea, even though we were prepped with towels and trash bags and extra clothes. But still, so smart!

 Great Group On idea? Yes. Would I do it again? Maybe in a new color fun -- gosh knows there's enough to choose from that have popped up these days!

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