Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Race Report: Run for Russ 5K [Triple Crown Race 2]

Run for Russ
February 1 | Chino, CA

The annual Run for Russ is a 5K held by the Chino Police Department each year that contributes to the memorial fund for Officer Russ Miller, who was killed on the line of duty on February 1, 2000. This year’s race was the 12th race, and held on the exact date he had been killed.

Pre-race necessity.
This race was huge – at least in comparison to the other 5Ks we’ve done in Chino so far – and it shows that there were nearly 800 finishers. It truly seemed like all of Chino came out for this, which was a pretty cool sight to see. Even more than that, two local sheriff’s training squadrons (one from Orange County, and one from out in San Bernardino I think) were there to run the race as a squad. More on that in a minute, because it was truly touching.

I didn’t feel great even starting this race, but Doug apparently felt great. We chugged along through mile 1, and somewhere between 1 and 2 we started to separate. I felt a little more in my groove by mile 2, and followed one of the squads alongside me. They chanted and sang the entire time – I can barely keep my break running at a 9’ mile, let along yelling and singing the whole way. Holy cow.
The really touching part to me was when we ran by the new memorial, both sheriff groups stopped and circled the memorial. Part of me wished I had stopped to see what they had done, but I was so moved. It
was one of their own, whether they knew the man or not, but wow… what a testament to the saying that officers are all the same, they are one.

Just past that, you turned the final corner and headed up a slight hill into mile 3 and the finish. I stopped to walk just past the mile 3 marker – Doug told me later that when he saw that (from behind) he thought “Sweet! I might actually pass her!”… and then I started running again, but still finished not even a minute before he did! He ran his first sub-30 5K! So proud!

The cool part at the start/finish was the raised fire truck ladder that had a huge American flag hanging over it. It reminded me a lot of Peachtree and was a great way to mark the start and finish lines!

Triple Crown race #2, done and done!
All in all, a great race, and a great tribute. I think I’ll start doing this one every year. It’s a such a great local, community effort, and obviously goes towards a local purpose.

What’s been the coolest thing you’ve run alongside in a race? 

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