Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Florida, Vacation, Disney, Wedding Bound!

Oh my god, you guys... VACATION.

While I know I travel a lot, I finally feel like I'm actually going on a vacation. Maybe because it's longer than a weekend. I'm so excited! 

Gulf, you are calling my name!
 We're Florida bound -- spefically, two days in Orlando and then two days in Sarasota for some wedding, beach, sand, surf, all things vacation fun!

Unfortunately, I discovered that the Sarasota Half is the same Sunday, and found out about it wayyyy to late to pay that much for registration. I even almost convinced Doug to the relay... almost. Fail!

BUT - I get to take Doug to one of the best places ever for the THE VERY FIRST TIME. I can't wait - like, beyond excited. We're both nerdy Hidden Mickey fanatics, so I know he's just going to have a BALL (pun intended).

 My dear, old friend from graduate school, Kim, is getting married just south of Sarasota. It's a tiny wedding (only about 40 people), so I feel so fortunate that not only were Doug and I invited, but that we're actually going to make it! I haven't seen her in a year and a half, since last Christmas, when we carried on our one-day-dates during the holidays when we were both in California.

About three years ago this time, I spent half of my Spring Break visiting her in New York, not long after she
had moved there for her new job. She was one of my best people in San Diego and throughout grad school, especially as she continued to work at SDSU after she graduated (the year before me). Many of my San Diego adventures and shenanigans involve her and I am so excited to be there for her wedding.

Kim, though you probs aren't reading this at this point (since you're already in Florida!), I hope your wedding day is everything you desire and so much more! Many congratulations and years of love for you and Erik! See you soon!

Are you heading anywhere exciting this weekend?

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