Monday, April 28, 2014

Review: Huma Energy Gel

About a year ago, I had the chance to review Huma Energy Gel for the first time, through an opportunity from Sweat Pink. Much like a year ago, Gu-like substances (Gu, gels, you name it) still freak me out and are still my last-choice resort for fueling.

Huma got in touch with me a few weeks back about trying their two new flavors! Last year, they were just on the up-and-up and had their first two flavors, strawberry and apple cinnamon, out for folks to fall in love with. Now, they're bring more to the table with mango and blueberry flavors out on the market now! Nommm... mango.

For a reminder, Huma is all-natural, gluten free, vegan friendly fuel based off these fruits and chia seeds. In fact, both the mango and blueberry ones are made from all of 7 ingredients! I call that a win, especially for a runner like me with a stupidly, selectively sensitive stomach.

During Ragnar training, I took the mango out for for a run (doesn't it sound like we're on a date?) on the  beach to get in some good miles that would really require fuel from me to get through it.

Mango? More please! I had forgotten water (you really wanna down these babies with water), so it was a little difficult to take down, but the flavor itself with delicious. Blueberry wasn't as good for me, but I go for the sweeter things in alll aspects of life, so mango was definitely more my jam.

Thank you again Huma for the opportunity! More mango please!

Are you a Huma user? What's your flavor of choice?

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