Friday, August 29, 2014

Labor Day Fun

Though it was 100 degrees yesterday and it's still technically summer, I feel like there's signs of fall rolling in... slowly, but surely. Namely because this goodness started yesterday - college, high school, pro's under way. You pick your league, and it's back.

Heck yes, it's football season!
Doug's back at coaching at the high school and their first game is tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to it, as it was a great routine last fall and I love cheering them on. 

On Saturday, I'm heading down to San Diego to watch BOTH my alma maters -- heck yes! NAU is playing at SDSU for SDSU's home opener. Never in a million years did I think NAU would be playing SDSU, but I guess that's what pre-season fun is for, right? Right. 

Beyond excited. So Saturday I'm taking the train down early to join in the NAU alumni tailgate while Doug's at Saturday football. He'll drive down in time for the game, where I get to legitimately cheer for both teams (can't lose!), and then we're in San Diego until Monday morning for a little Labor Day weekend fun + getaway. After these last few weeks, I am super duper looking forward to it, also knowing that this begins the season where Doug gets 1-day weekends through December, so... this kicks off football season officially! 

Y'all know I love to travel and do so any time I get to. I'm lucky currently, in that getting away for the weekend means leaving Molly with the 'rents and enough food and I get to walk out without thinking about too much, but I remember every time I left my apartment for a weekend or a week, I'd stress and worry and worry about forgetting something. Did I set the timer on the lamp? Did I turn off everything? Is someone prepared to watch Molly?

My friends at Dropcam created this sweet little quick-reference sheet on basic things to remember when you're out for a weekend, traveling somewhere exciting too. 

So when I walk away this weekend, while I don't need to look at everything - it definitely caps off with have fun! San Diego, here I come!

What are you doing this Labor Day weekend? What else is on your pre-trip checklist?

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