Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August Recap


Despite August being hot and gross, and it being as tough as it was personally, I set out to make #August100miles happen, especially after starting on track in July and then falling to a summertime cold that set me back. After just 37 miles in July, preceded by a pretty solid June, I was ready to make August the month I'd hit it. Mind you, the only other 100-mile month (115) I've had was my peak month of marathon training in December 2012. So yes, this is a big freaking deal!

Even more than that, as you can clearly see... ever since moving back to California last summer, I've struggled. Evidenced by my lack of writing here, but even moreso by those numbers. I struggled with managing a new job, a hefty commute from July - December, and managing a life for the first time in two years. In Georgia, running was my life because that was all I had. Spring of this year helped me get moving a little more, as my work commute was all of 5 miles, and you can see some upward movement finally. And now... now I feel like I'M BACK. Yes, this is only one month in, but I feel it. I'm ready.

Total run mileage: 100.4. HELLS. YES! 
Highest weekly run mileage: 
# Runs: 29 - lots of those double days!
# Rest days: 10, which is a lot more than I thought I had! 
# Cross-training workouts:  2-3, just walks with Molly! 
# Races: 1
     - Renegade Race Trail Series #3

Favorite run: I know I only did one race this month, so I have a tie between that one and a new exploratory run. I super duper PR-ed the 3rd trail race of the series and am pretty excited about. Again, still not convinced trail racing is the jam, but I had a blast... now if only that medal would arrive! 

Most hardcore run: I think it was all of those double-days... where I'd run 4 miles on the trail and then come home and run 3 more on the road, or some combination of morning and night runs altogether. It was partially to get these miles down and partially in preparation for Ragnar Napa which is coming in just two and a half weeks! I've got some hefty legs again and this time, I'd like to actually be prepared for them! 

Current obsession: Job hunting? Is that an obsession?

Current song: .Anything Neon Trees because a) I love them and b) Doug surprised me with tickets to see them tomorrow night and I. AM. SO. EXCITED. 

Current need: A sense of being a productive member of society! Gah! I'm not one to just sit around and laze about - I think that's one thing I've appreciated about being at my parents' and them getting up early... so I do too. Whether it's to run, or blog, or just catch up on email, it's nice to get my day going early. That way when I DO jump back into work, it won't be a total shock to my system. I'm not the type to be unemployed and sleeping my days away. No ma'am.

Current triumph:100 miles. Duh. 

Current goal: Going to work towards #September100miles too - let's go! 

What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? Goals for September?


  1. You are AMAZING - unemployed and what do you accomplish?! 100 miles which is definitely no small feat along with refusing to sleep in. You are motivated and dedicated - I hope an employer can see that super duper soon! AND I GET TO SEE YOU IN 2 WEEKS!

    1. Thanks lady! I mean.. it didn't HURT that I was unemployed, 'caus then I had all the time in the world for running. Womp. But it was nice to have a goal to reach for and finally accomplish something.

      I can't wait to see you in 7 days!!