Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Live Every Day Like You're Glen Coco

Iiiiiit's Ragnar time, kids! This afternoon I am hopping a train to downtown LA and taking the bus to LAX to fly to San Francisco (catch all that?) to go run 204 fabulous miles from Golden Gate Park to Calistoga, in the heart of Napa Valley.

I mean, really... this can't be all that bad, right?

I am so excited to:
a) reconvene with some of my So Cal teammates (6 of us in total)
b) meet some new, fresh Ragnar-virgin teammates (the other 6)
c) not have to drive the van (we have TWO drivers! TWO!)
d) run 26.3 miles because if I can do it at So Cal (undertrained) and do it now (pretty well trained), then I am totes marathon-training-ready
e) wear all things pink all weekend

Yep, that's right. We are team On Ragnardays We Wear Pink and basically all weekend, we will be wearing all things pink. Boas, beads, shorts, and tees - and even my reflective vest and shoes at some point are pink. It's so fetch.

But if you're bored about reading about my exciting day up to the Bay to get ready for these shenanigans, I'll leave you with other Ragnar-related fun:

Peace out, kids! Feel free to stalk Instagram and Twitter all weekend! #ragnarianswearpink will be all over the place - enjoy and follow along!  

Are you running Napa with me this weekend? 

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