Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2015 Winter Running Plans

Something really awesome about California is that while the rest of the country's race season has come to an end, we're still in full swing! It's certainly not icy and snowy here, but plenty cold enough to give us some gorgeous and cold mornings - perfect for races!

So I've got a full agenda and am pretty excited about it, so I thought I'd share all the upcoming fun. Let me know if you'll be at any of them with me!

December 6 - Reindeer Romp 5K (Chino)
We ran this one last year, and upon discovering that every year they change the highlight color and reindeer of the year, we knew we had to do this one again. It's a local race, decently priced ($30), and supports our local YMCA. To boot, the medals are ornaments and come with adorable long sleeve shirts. Throw in a super flat, super easy 5K course, and you have yourself a deal!

December 13 - Lexus Lace Up 5K
I really wanted to do the half, but couldn't convince myself to fork over the money, even though at one point I had a 40% code and the price would have been like $55. You snooze, you lose. BUT the 5K showed up on GroupOn a few weeks ago so both Doug and I are running the 5K for a total of $39.20. Win.

December 14 - Santa Hustle Half Marathon
This is a new race coming to Southern California this year. I actually found out about the series while I was living in Georgia, and desperately wanted to go run their Tennessee race but couldn't ever get up there. So when I heard they were headed to the west coast, I was beyond excited! I'm serving as an ambassador for them this year (more on that on Friday) because I'm that excited. Doug will be doing the 5K while I run the half - through Knotts Berry Farm! - and then we'll stay and play at the park all day.
Use code MEGJOHNSTONBP for $5 off the 5K or the half! 
January 3 - New Year's Race Los Angeles Half Marathon
Doug's first half marathon! Enough said. Excitement abound. As I am also serving as an ambassador for the amazing NYR, I was given an additional free entry (I was already registered). This is a nighttime race under the lights and stars of Los Angeles just after the new year and it'll be such an awesome way to kick off 2015, with my guy by my side for his first 13.1. Woo!

Use code NYRMegan15 for $15 off the half marathon!
January 10 - Citrus Heritage Half Marathon
After the beating that this race gave me last year, but upon being offered a sweet early-sign up rate, I signed up for this again and will be a legacy runner for this half! All I am hoping for is to do a little better than last year - which, given lately, should (hopefully) not be too much of a challenge given that I am currently already in far better shape - ready to beast this course!

February 1 - Surf City Half Marathon
This is the one I haven't signed up for (yet), but have every plan to so I can get in race #2 of the Beach Cities Challenge. Further, this is home of my first full marathon and while the marathon is a little mentally beating by double-backing (twice!), I'd much rather run the half again. Monica asked me to pace her to a sub-2 for the first time, soooo.... challenge is on! Surf City, here I come!

This seems like a lot of races, never mind the fact that the first two are 5Ks, so I'm okay with that. Further, these put me smack through the middle of marathon training (more on that soon!), so what's better than rewarding long run days with medals since I'm at it anyway? Right?

Alright... do I get to see you at one of these? Let me know where!


  1. while the rest of the country's race season has come to an end

    Pshaw--all it means is we're wearing more layers than usual. The Frigid Five Miler in early January has an average temperature of below freezing over the last decade!

    1. Fair enough, fair enough. But for the most part... not that it's come to a screeching halt, but probs not as alive as ours is still? :)