Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October Recap

Total run mileage: 98.5
Highest weekly run mileage: 
 27 (for two weeks!)
# Runs: 24
# Rest days: 9
# Cross-training workouts:  Two. Working on this, I swear. 
# Races: Three! Busy weekends! 
     - Long Beach Half
     - Race for the Rescues <-- Molly's second 5K!
     - Rock 'n Roll Los Angeles

Favorite run: This one, hands down (or hands up!). Pacing a friend to a new, rockin' PR was such a blast, and I'm so glad she gave me the chance. Spoiler: she's already asked me to pace her to a sub-2 in February! The pressure! But oh, the excitement! And I cannot wait. 

Most hardcore run: I don't know if 'hardcore' is the word, but looking back and seeing that I was able to make a 2-hour finish at RnR LA after 17 hours on my feet working the expo, plus an hour drive/train ride in each direction for the 48 hours leading up to the race. Though I'm sad about those 20 seconds, given that weekend... I'm pretty stoked with the result! And, really, I had a blast doing it. 

Current song: It's damn catchy. And it's grown on me a lot. And she's just fun. And Meghan is a good name, even if she spells it incorrectly. ;)

Current need: There are dozens of races that are popping up that I am desperately itching to run. But above all, I need to get registered for Surf City so I can complete my Beach Cities Challenge and get that extra super sweet medal. Now accepting donations... 

I also desperately need (okay, want) this new, limited KT Tape. Can you say "pretty" and right up my alley? Because I can! 
Yes please.
Current drink: Despite the rest of the country having what they call "fall" and "autum," the month started in Southern California at 100+ degrees. So yeah, um... ice water? Cold Gatorade? No warm fuzzy-feeling drinks here! It's too damn hot! 

Current favorite: Finally geting this in the mail! The trifecta is complete - and I've got the last of the Ragnar Napa story on Friday! 

Current triumph: Despite not making the 100 miles come to fruition in October, I rocked a 98.5 mile month after two 100 mile months in a row. Better yet, I actually listened to my body when it told me that I need to back off, even if that meant missing out by 1.5 measly miles. I've long said that one of the good things about having had two knee surgeries that I know that when I do feel a pain or a twinge, or that something isn't right, I know I need to back off... on the flip side, if I didn't have surgeries and/or didn't know something was wrong, I'd push and push and push and possibly end up with worse. Blessings in disguise, I suppose! 

Current goal: After finishing out October with just shy of 100 miles and that pesky day of stupid, weird knee pain, I'm determined to spend November not only racking up the miles some more, but focusing on strength. I don't have a gym membership right now, so I'm limiting myself to doing this at home - BUT I know there are tons of things I can do in my own livingn room. If I'm going to successfully get through marathon training and make my goals, I need to ensure that I'm taking care of my whole body and not just beating down on my legs, hips and knees. Here we go! 

What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? Goals for November?

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