Monday, November 3, 2014

Race Report: Dino Dash 10K

Dino Dash 10K 

Doug's first 10K is in the books! I'm going to warn you that I might get a little gushy because seriously, I'm just so super proud of him. Let's rewind...

In June, he had the thought that he could totally train for a half (New Year's Race, in particular) and run the half with me because surely he could train in six+ months, right? Right. And then in July, he had knee surgery and despite bouncing up shortly thereafter for football practices at the end of July, running was not as quick to jump back in. Mind you, before surgery, he was easily tackling 4-5 miles and was rockin'. So this fall hasn't been as focused as it could have been with getting some training in (which he very well recognizes), but we signed up for this 10K anyway to see what he was capable of. Besides, we a) got a cute medal b) it benefitted education and c) who doesn't like dinosaurs?

Piano Piano fun!
After staying out way too late on Saturday night at Piano Piano (I got home about 12:40 am, he about 1), we amazingly found our way to being pretty on time for leaving from the race. Many thanks to some toll roads, it was only about 1/2 hour down there. The only problem is that the Tustin Marketplace is massive and despite being there decently early, we struggled with finding the actual start and parked far enough away that by the time we got to check in and got our bibs and shirts and walked back to the car, the gun went off for the 10K while we were still a short block away. We have a history of starting late...

Doesn't he look so freaking excited?  ;)
... but that's the benefit to chip times! I needed to stop at first aid to get bandaids for the massive gash in my toe and by the time we crossed the mat, the race had been going for almost exactly 7 minutes. Whoops? Needless to say, the first half-mile ish was pretty empty and lonely... thankfully there were a few folks behind us!

I had had some weird knee pain on Friday, so I wasn't sure that I was even going to be running this at all come Sunday, and started to get myself mentally able to possibly have to walk the whole thing. Thankfully, Saturday and Sunday brought about no pain at all and I was rockin' and ready to go! I offered to Doug to pace him (goal was 1:05), but he told me that if I was feelin' good, I could go for it and see if I could PR like I had at the 10K split at last week's half (54:40), and then if things went bad, I could chill and wait for him. After loosening up a bit, I told him I was gonna take off and see what I could do.

The first mile was a little rough, just trying to find my groove. I was of course passing walkers and some walk-runners, but I was also worried that I was starting to get too excited and would burn myself out. Mile 1-2 were 8:40ish and then some, so pretty even and standard with what last week's splits would have been.

The course isn't super exciting - starts in the huge marketplace, goes out, crosses over the 5 freeway, through a business park, and then back. But aside from the 5 overpass, it's entirely flat and pretty forgiving. I hit the 5K split just about the 26-minute mark, and was feeling surprisingly strong given the lack of sleep and slight hangover (because what other better way to run, amiright?). Just around mile 4, there's a turnaround point and when Doug and passed each other, high fived - which apparently just totally made some lady's day. She was behind Doug and smiled SO big when she saw us and goes, "That was so fun!" She was quite the cheerleader out there, which I really appreciated.

I think one of my new favorite runfies (run + selfie)!
Coming back over the bridge was rough, but I knew I was close and as long as I kept shuffling, I had a PR in the bag. Coming off the bridge was awesome, and you'd think that was a great place to end, but unfortunately there's a curve back through the auto center and the next corner with a slight grade into the finish (rude).

I finished, got my adorable little medal (really, it's little), got a water and looped back around to wait for Doug. Richard and Jessica found me from the other side and joined me in cheering Doug on in to his first 10K finish line!

He looks quite angry and for a hot minute, I think he was... but later in the day, I think realized what
he did! And knows that to do that (again)... and then some... in January is going to take a little more training to get through that and not want to feel like you're falling apart.

- 54:52 (just under 4-minute PR)
- 4/23 age group
- 204 finisher overall (482) / 66 female (236)

- 1:03:32
- 12/16 age group
- 337 overall / 202 male (246)

I know running isn't his favorite, and while he's done a number of 5Ks with me over the last year and then some on his own before, this was definitely a push for him - I'm so so proud of his effort and for killing the 1:05 time! There's a few weeks to go, but half-marathon, here he comes!

Do you run with your partner/spouse? Have you motivated them to start running?


  1. This is awesome! I love how you have Doug running now but don't scare him off with any tough races :) Great job on the PRs! You are getting so fast girl! I am so proud of you!

    1. I'm trying not to scare him off... :) And YAY for the PRs - I think that's definitely my 100-mile months speaking for themselves. Woo hoo! Thanks for the love, as always. <3