Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Catch the New Year's Race on Univision (Los Angeles)!

Helloooo from the top of LA! I mean, not quite, but it felt like I was there, up above the streets and on the same level as the Staples Center. Pretty cool - and COLD! 

I was out in downtown early this morning recording a TV piece with some of the fabulous New Years Race crew for tomorrow morning's Despierta America on Univision! It airs at 7 am, so make sure you catch it!

We were part of a whole show about New Years - duh - complete with confetti poppers, sparkling cider, talking about resoluations and wishes for the new year, and a mock party to play in. All in a morning's work!

At least I got to put some of my (basic) Spanish abilities to use - thankfully, we all weren't interviewed, but I at least was able to pick up on enough phrases and key words that I remember from my high school and college Spanish classes to get the jist of what segment we were on. And that I could clap along when one man's wish for 2015 was paz en el mundo (peace on earth). Boom. I got this!

Amazing NYR ladies!

All of us!
Regular registration with my promo code (NYRMegan15) is now good until 1/1. Use the code and it's good for $15 off the half marathon, which is pretty phenomenal - and you can join our nighttime running party through downtown LA on Saturday night. This is LA's only nighttime half marathon, so you better believe it's going to be a party like none other!

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I hope we get to see you there - and if not, at least check us out on Despierta America in the morning!

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