Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: Running in Review

I felt like I make a running comeback in 2014. While the first half of 2013 was pretty decent, the latter half was spent moving back across the country from Georgia to California, figuring out how to manage a 100-mile roundtrip commute each day, actually having a social life, and how the heck was running supposed to fit in there? In 2014, though off to a slow start, I feel like I was finally starting to figure it all out.

Total running miles: 757
Race miles: 206.6
Races: 23

8 half marathons
7 5Ks
3 trail 5-milers
2 Ragnars
1 10K
1 mud run
1 trail 3-miler

26.2 race miles

I got my butt handed to me at the Citrus Heritage Race...

...and a week later rocked Rock 'n Roll Arizona to earn my Desert Double Down challenge medal and changed my perceptions of the Rock 'n Roll race series. And had a blast with some running girlfriends.

3.1 race miles

Ran 5K number two of three for the Chino Triple Crown race series at the Run for Russ, and saw Doug run his first sub-30 5K!

3.1 race miles

Completed the Triple Crown with an age group award at the Dairy Aire 5K.

39 race miles

I ran an almost-marathon over three legs at Ragnar So Cal and realized that if I could handle that while so undertrained, I was totally ready to tackle the idea of marathon #2.

And then got my butt handed to me again at the Run for Redlands. Half marathon #14 in the books.

3 race miles

Ran my first trail race - a tad over 3 miles, but loved the challenge, despite how hot it was. And managed an age group award to boot!

21.9 race miles

The highlight of the year: running my first sub-2 half marathon at Fontana.

Ran the first race of the summertime three-part 5-mile trail series. Felt tired, but invigorated and challenged and ready for the next two.

And then having a blast at the Summer of Mud run with Doug, completing 18+ obstacles over just under four miles.

5 race miles

Hated the second race of the trail series! Questioned why I signed up to begin with.

8 race miles

Massively PRed the last race of the summer series, thought that trail running wasn't as bad as I thought, and maybe one day I'll sign up for more.

Had a blast at the Neon Run, covered in glow paint and rockin' glow sticks like it was 1994 all over again.

29.4 race miles 

Earned double medal status, Gold Rush style, for completing Ragnar Napa (+ So Cal) in the same year. Ran over a marathon in a 100+ heat index and knew that a marathon was surely coming up in my future.

Finally broke 26 minutes on my 5K time at the St. Pauls Harvest Festival 5K, good for a new PR by 1:02, and age group award.

29.3 race miles

Paced a friend to a nearly 5-minte PR at Long Beach, happily chatting nearly the entire way. It was my first experience pacing a friend, and I had a blast!

Trained with and cheered my dad along to his second 5K finish ever at the Rose Bowl, along with Molly who set a puppy PR.

Ran my first solo 2-hour half marathon at Rock 'n Roll Los Angeles, and earned my Rock Encore medal for two RnR races in one year.

6.2 race miles 

Celebrated Doug's first 10K ever, who crushed my first 10K time and loves to remind me of that.

32.4 race miles

Returned to the Reindeer Romp to place third in my age group.

Took on the Lexus Lace Up 5K with my dad, to kill my age group and take first out of 33 competitors and finish 11th female overall!

Ran the inaugural Santa Hustle Half Marathon on a pancake-flat course that did me in, but got a free trip to Knotts Berry Farm out of it.

Rocked the San Diego Holiday Half, completing another half in 2 hours (and 22 seconds). At least 2 hours is now the consistent!

An amazing year in the end, though off to a seemingly rocky, uncertain start. This year, despite its challenges, has brought me back to running and  I think has helped emphasize how much I need it in my life - for balance, for relief, for sanity, for fun.

I'm looking forward to focusing again in 2015 - after all, I've got some new states to conquer, marathon #2 (and maybe three, or four?) to tackle, and so much more to look forward to. I'm excited. I'm ready!

Happy Running New Year!

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