Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, friends! How was your NYE?

Mine was probably the most mellow New Year's I've had in a loooong time and you know what? It was pretty enjoyable. Doug and I went out to dinner and watched the last of the Orange Bowl, went back to his house and proceeded to spend the last of 2014 watching TV, eventually watching the ball drop, and working on a puzzle until 2:30 am. And it was wonderful. Seriously.

2014 wasn't all that fantastic and while I'm working on a sort of year-in-review post (aside from the year in running), looking back on it, I'm glad to ssay good riddance to it and welcome a new year.

The last year started off pretty awesome - crossed off a new half marathon state with another super girls' weekend, another trip to Phoenix right after for sorority business, Orlando for my first actual vacation with Doug, amazingness at work, and was on a high with where my first year at the new job was going.

And then in May/June, life hit the proverbial fan. Between my grandfather's chemo not making any further progress, and losing one of my former students at just 25, the second half of the year wasn't shaping up. Two days after coming back from a funeral in Texas, I was laid off from my job. My pride, and where I find most value in my life - now what?

I am beyond grateful that, considering the circumstances, I would be okay: my parents lived 50 miles away, I had/have more money in my savings than I've had in years, I don't have a house or a car payment to make, and my student loans are gone. Things could have been much, much worse. Don't get me wrong, unemployment is not exactly exciting or noteworthy, but it could be worse.

So here we are: 2015. Going on month seven of job searching, continuing to help grandma adjust to life without my grandfather, and still trying to hold it together and keep a smile on my face. This means that 2015 is only going to get better, right? This will be my year, our year, and the time that my future changes for the better.

2015, I'm coming for you!

How did you celebrate the  new year?

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