Friday, January 2, 2015

This is My Year

In 2014, I didn't even publicly set any goals. After 2013 didn't turn out to be the year I wanted in
terms of running and fitness, and that blogging had taken a total backseat to life this time last year, I kept any idea of goals to myself. In the end, I never really set any, either - not even in my own head.

Part of my challenge is holding myself accountable - updating at the end of the year typically just shows that I didn't accomplish all of them. My hope for this year is that as I do monthly recaps with mileage and races, that I also need to ensure I'm updating you  on my progress toward my yearly goals - so that way, I'm regularly checking in on what I've set out to do.

So with that, I give you, my 2015 goals. I am keeping them small, and focused, in an effort to also keep them realistic and all attainable, rather than just focusing on two of like, fifteen, as I usually do.

- 1,000 miles: 757 in 2014, 554 in 2013, 664 in 2012. Less than consistent, but that's okay. 2014 became one of my best years in terms of running and consistency, and I'm excited to continue that trend into the new year.

- Marathon PR: So far, I'm only registered for the LA Marathon, but would like to consider a fall marathon to add to my schedule, too. With that, and much credit to the running club, I know I'm already stronger than I was for marathon #1 back in 2013. I'm not going to put numbers down yet, as the race is still ten weeks away, so that'll come later!

- New states: This is two-fold: I want to cross off at least two new half marathon states (more on how I'm making this possible soon!), and would love to cross off at least three new states to visit! My long-time goal has been to get to every state by the end of 30, but I've got some work to do!

- A job: This is a given, if you've paid attention at all. But I mean for it to be not just a job because I need one and a paycheck, but something I am excited and passionate about, and that will be a career. So far, much of my professional career has been jobs, nothing I could settle into for a long haul. I'm ready to find that, but just need the patience to do so.

- Reduce debt by 50%: That's a big percentage. And while I'm obviously going to disclose all these numbers to you, I also believe that my 50% is fully attainable. This time last year, I had just paid off my student loans, so all I have riding on me now are credit cards. This year hasn't made that easy, but with achieving goal #3 up there, I know I can get my act back in gear and continue to work towards this. Thankfully, my credit score is still quite high and respectable - I just want to decrease that dollar amount attached to it!

What are your goals for the new year? Ready to share?


  1. Love your goals. They are great and within reach for you. I want to run in some other states too. Maybe we can travel together for one and run a race together.

    1. I think they're in reach this year - I tried to keep my head out of the clouds and focus on some realistic opportunities! Would definitely love to tackle a new state with you! :)