Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up: Las Vegas Lovin'

I am so far behind, y'all, it's not even funny! But to show you that my life is (a little) more than just running...

Shots, shots, shots... errrbodyyy... 
This past Saturday we celebrated Doug's big 3-0! He had pondered for awhile about what on earth to do for such a birthday, and finally decided Vegas was it. We went two years ago, also on his birthday weekend, as a sort of pre-Christmas vacation and had an amazing time, so decided it was definitely a place to ring in a new decade. His sister, her guy Todd, friend Jumah, friend Chris and his fiance Nancy and the two of us headed out on Friday for a birthday shenanigans weekend!

Friday we got to check out the new High Roller at the Linq - the world's newest largest ferris wheel (or observation wheel, as they call it). Y'ALL - this thing is awesome. I'm super glad we got a GroupOn for it, as I'm not sure I'd pay $45 a person to do it (our deal was $69 for two, including a happy half hour pass), but holy wow! So awesome.

We are stupidly good at selfies... 
On Saturday, we eventually rolled out of bed for a tummy-stuffing breakfast/lunch at the Hash House (funny enough, where we had gone two years ago that morning too!) before we headed over to the famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop... yes, as in Pawn Stars. Because when in Vegas, right?

Chris, Doug, Nancy & me.
Saturday night, we headed out for a full-on birthday celerbation - his actually birthday was Saturday, after all, so it was only fitting. After a beyond phenomenal dinner at Gallagher's, including some diabetes-inducing birthday cake, we headed out for our Vegas VIP club tour. More detail in a post to come, but basically we found this club tour concept via GroupOn (are you surprised?) two years ago, bought it on a whim, and had a freaking BLAST. So much so, that I had emailed them again a few weeks ago and mentioned that we were coming back, and could we get a deal? Done and done. So they basically cart you around to four clubs/lounges, you by-pass all lines to get in and no cover. Their bus is also a bar on board, so you can pretty much get fully loaded without spending an (expensive) dime at any of the clubs. This time around, we went to two places at the new SLS (Sayers Club & Life), Cromwell (Drai's), and Paris (Chateau). Yet again, pretty amazing time, not to mention that the first three are among the three newest locations of anywhere on the Strip. Winning!

Sunday, naturally, we crawled out of bed, made it to breakfast and met up with my dearest Katy Beth, and then walked the Strip for a bit for my favorite part: holiday decorations! The Bellagio is by far my favorite, but I love how done-up all the hotels get, with trees and lights and pretty much anything you can dream up. But the Conservatory at the Bellagio trumps all... if you haven't been, get there soon!

All in all, an amazing weekend and hopefully a pretty kick ass start to his 30th year. Happy birthday Doug! I love you!

What's your favorite hotel in Vegas?


  1. Looks like you two had a great time. I love to visit the Conservatory at the Bellagio. When we were there for Rock n Roll Las Vegas we were hoping that it would be decorated for Christmas but Thanksgiving has not yet passed so it was not. Happy Birthday to Doug and it looks like life is good for you! Merry Christmas!

    1. We had SUCH a great time - I'm so glad we got away for a little bit. The Conservatory is my favorite there, by far -- I wasn't super impressed with their fall theme.

      I miss you!