Monday, December 15, 2014

Gifts for the Runner in Your Life

As I shop around for some running friends + blends + fitness enthusiasts in my life, it always amazes me how many new things show up every year - new technology, new shoes, new everything that I always want to buy for them... and myself. As you're shopping for the runner in your life, bear in mind that every runner has their particulars when it comes to shoes, type/brand of clothing, and even their prefered kind of headphones! Know your runner... but also know that gift cards to their favorite local running store or online shop!

But if you want to get them something 'real' and not just a card, here's my fave ideas for your favorite runner this year.

1. Runners World Subscription
RW was one of the best gifts I bought myself a few summers ago. Full of tips, tricks, and some pretty amazing stories, it's a great resource and source of motivation and inspiration. Right now, a 2-year subscription is just $32 - a pretty freaking sweet deal, if you ask me!

2. Bulk Run Fuel
Again, this is when it's pretty crucial to know their fueling preferences - beans? Goo? Chews? Snoop in their kitchen cabinets, find their fave, and buy it in bulk for them! I know I'd sure love someone who saved me $40 and stocked me up for most of the next few months' worth of marathon training!
3. Road ID
These days, I feel like it's more and more important to have some sort of identification on your person while you're out and about. While I now run around streets I know, I also run when no one is home, so if I were to have a problem, I'm not sure who would get information first. Road ID is an awesome (and pretty customizable!) ID band in a few forms - and now there's a new electronic tracking version too! Make sure your runner is safe and sound as they're out and about around town!

4. Runner Ornament
I absolutely love these and think they're beyond adorable. Especially if your runner is celebrating a first big milestone like their first 13.1 or 26.2, this is a great way to commemorate that! Gone for a Run has some super cute ones, both men and women, and are customizable with hair color and bib on the runner!

5. Medal Rack
This is actually one of the things that's on my list this year! I made my own medal rack a few years ago, and once I pull all my medals out of storage, that rack is going to be way overloaded. There are shops all over Etsy and the interwebz, and tons are customizable with names, phrases, or inspirational quotes. Below is one of my faves from Strut Your Stuff Sign Co. on Etsy. LOVE.

6. Sparkly Soul 
I know I talk about these all the time - but I seriously mean it when I say that Sparkly Soul is the only headbands I wear and the only ones that work for me. It's just a super added bonus that they're sparkly - but if your runner isn't into the whole sparkly game, there's a satin line too! Follow SS on all social media, as there are regular deals and extra special packages out there. Holiday packs are new as of a few weeks ago and I'm beyond tempted to buy myself a few combinations...

7. Pedicure Package
Runners have ugly feet. That's a fact of life. We attempt to keep them pretty, but that really only hides bruised toenails, if we have them at all. And best yet, this isn't limited to just women... any runner would appreciate having their feet get a little love for a bit.

8. Race Registration
You will blow the socks off your runner if you surprise them with a gift to that race they've been eye-balling and have been oh-so-casually talking about. (Dear whoever's reading this: I haven't registered for Surf City 2015 yet). If there is a race you know they'll love, have been waiting to register for, you'll get bonus points for paying that much attention and doing the registration - no better gift!

9. Pro Compression
Especially for those running long distances regularly, compression socks are a must-have. Pro Compression happens to be my personal fave - while they started with solid, bold colors, they've released some pretty adorable patterns and designs lately that I am loving. Bonus: through 12/19, use code "2014" for 42% off everything. Yep, everything. Do it. Now.

I hope I've provided you at least a few ideas to check someone off your shopping list! Happy shopping!

Have other ideas? Share them below!

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