Monday, December 1, 2014

November Recap

Total run mileage: 91.71 miles
Highest weekly run mileage: 28.5 (woo!)

# Runs: 17
# Rest days: 10 (five of those were sick days in bed)
# Cross-training workouts:  6! Look at me... finally doing something other than running. These were walks and hikes, but at least different! 
# Races: Just one... Doug's first 10K! 
     - Dino Dash 10K 

Favorite run: 70 minutes, 7.8 miles. I nailed this run more than I ever thought possible. On a Wednesday morning, our training called for 70 minutes, so I figured at the least, I'd knock out 7 miles and if I got to more than that, that'd be a super duper win. Of all my usual routes around here, the longest is 5, so I knew I'd need to change it up a bit and find some extra distance. I even went and ran the hill that I've thought for a long time would be a sweet hill training place - it kicked my butt pretty hard, but didn't knock me down, that's for sure. I've never felt that good on a decently long run in a long time, especially considering I didn't fuel at all. It was a perfectly gorgeous, sunny, and cool morning and I couldn't have asked for more! 

Most hardcore run:  I really wouldn't call it all that hardcore, but it's been awhile since I've run 13 miles without wearing a bib on my shirt and without getting a medal at the end. The fun of marathon training has certainly begun (erm, sarcasm) and we're gearing up for some realllly long runs. IERC does this right, though - especially for the newbies who had literally never gone so far. So they celebrated with (milk chocolate) medals and a finish line! 

Current need: Good vibes for my interview on Thursday, please! I'm really excited about this one and am hoping it turns out to be the thing looking for me, too. 

Current favorite: I'm super excited Sparkly Soul released gift cards, just in time for all the holidays - because people know I love them, and have a billion, so what on earth color to choose? Well, now you don't have to decide for me, kids. You can just gimme the card and I'll decide for myself! 

You can order gift cards here for your favorite sparkly runner or fitness enthusiast in your life! (Hint: I'm one of them)

Current triumph: Knocking out almost another 100-mile month, despite not running for 6 days because of that damn cold. It is beyond helpful that IERC is starting to rack up those long runs for LA Marathon training, otherwise, I don't think I would have gotten as close, considering compared to past months, I only ran 17 times this month. Pretty amazing. 

Current goal: One more 100 mile month to wrap up 2014, please. If I can knock out 100 more miles in December, that'll put me at almost 5 100-mile months in a row: August, September, October (98.5), November and December. Which means that in the last 5 months of the year, I ran almost double of what I did in the first seven months (282). I call that a victory, don't you?

Looking forward to: Christmas, all things December, my sister coming home for a few days, Vegas for Doug's 30th birthday... and wrapping up 2014. Looking forward to saying good riddance to this year and kicking off 2015 with a hopeful bang! 

What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? Goals to wrap up the year?

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