Monday, February 16, 2015

Marathon Training: One Month To Go!

So I'm running the LA Marathon in four weeks - holy crap, four weeks. I realize that I, for once, haven't recapped training once (though have been good about it on Daily Mile), and really... haven't talked about it all that much here on Run Megan Run. I guess life has other plans while I'm not blogging and staring at my computer.

But amazingly enough, the last four months have flown by, hundreds of miles down, and I'm gearing up and getting ready to hunker down, finish the last two strong weeks, and psych myself up for taper time. The last time I did this, taper really meant get-bronchitis-and-be-forced-to-sit-on-the-couch-anyway, so I am actually wondering if I'm really going to feel the taper madness.

After a super tough 12.3 miles on Saturday (re: where I didn't even make it to 13), I realize that I've got some major commitments to make in life for the next four weeks to ensure I am at my absolute best going into race day. I'm laying them out on the line to ensure you folks hold me accountable and that I follow through with my actions.

1. Stretch & Foam Roll 
This is vital - I'm guilty of not streching, even when I feel tired and sluggish, and know that I need to keep myself limber and able. I am making a commitment to stretch every morning, whether there is a run scheduled or not, and that especially after long days, I'll be getting down on the floor with the roller to make sure I'm working any tight spots out.

2. Hip Exercises
I know my hips have been wonky for awhile - my theory is that it's mostly due to fluctuating between which leg I put more pressure on to either make up for a bum left knee, or overcompensating for that fact. The chiropractor I met with after the Russ 5K started to adjust me, started to get me in place, but told me there's a lot of work to do. I'm going to start with some basic hip strengthening moves, just to keep things in place and as strong as they'll be!

3. No Alcohol 
The culprit for most of the reason that Saturday's run sucked. I don't drink a lot, nor all that often, but here on out, there's none of it. I had some fun indulging this weekend, but that's enough to get me through another four weeks.

4. Don't Miss a Run
Quite honestly, there are not many runs I've missed altogether in this cycle. Some have been modified, but overall, the runs have all been happening. But this is ultimate time, time to make sure I've got it together, that I'm stronger and tougher than I think. Skipping on a run will only be in cases where my body really just says, "Yo, chill for a day."

5. Chiropractor
Again, the awesome chiro we met with offered one free treatment for visiting her again. I'm already planning on going again in two weeks, and then plan to shortly after the marathon, too. She was amazing in talking through where my aches are, what history I have with surgeries, and how my right side overcompensates for the left and therefore a lot of the physical issues inside! I would like to make this a regular occurrence, but that'll have to wait for a regular income.

6. Water Intake
It's amazing how much better I was about drinking water while I was sitting at a desk, rather than running around all over the place like I do now. Even with substitute teaching like I have been, I need to ensure that I'm taking in my daily recommendation (90 oz) and staying hydrated appropriately through the week.

7. Portions, Diet, Whatever
I'm calling it a diet, but really, I'm sucking at it. What I really intend to do is watch my portions a little better, cut out some of the crap (I'm a sucker for dessert). Originally my goal was to lose about 10 pounds prior to race day, but really, I'd be happy with 5 because frankly, I'm just not getting there. I know I need to eat better for the way I run, but I also like to eat the way I do because I run. One long, vicious cycle. Le sigh.

There you have it. Seven major goals, projects, tasks, whatever you want to call it to ensure that I'm my best on March 15. I feel stronger, healthier, better and more capable than I did for marathon #1, and I'm excited that we're just a month out! And terrified. But mostly excited, amped, and ready to go.

What are your major focuses heading into the last weeks of marathon training? Any additional tips for me?


  1. I feel like these are all things I'm trying to focus on over the next few months. Excited to see how LA Marathon goes for you! I'm planning on running it next year. Good luck!!

    1. Thanks Jen! So far, so (mostly) good. Hoping to see some impact as I get down to race week!