Saturday, February 7, 2015

16 Miler + A 5K Sandwich

Because, really... this is what it's all about.
Today I had 16 miles on the schedule for LA Marathon training. The last time I remember running 16 miles (aside from during the Surf City full TWO years ago), was during training for the Surf City full! That time, I went and ran a half marathon that was near me, and then went home and ran 3 more miles to top it all out.

Today was different. I skipped out on the IERC run club group long run (eeeep!) in exchange for another one of the local Chino 5Ks, the Run for Russ. We ran this last year and it's such a heartfelt local cause, it'll be hard not to run it every year. This year marks 15 years since Officer Miller was killed. Last year there were about 800 finishers and today just over 900, so this race is certainly picking up steam in the community.

So, my day. 16 miles on tap, only 3 of which were going to be with other people. A solo half marathon? Not going lie, was a little nervous for that idea, but also excited to test out how much willpower I really have and to see how far this marathon training cycle has gotten me.

The Goal:
- At least 5 miles before the 5K
- 2 miles to the 5K from home
- 5K
- Rest of the miles to get to home... eventually

6:25: I rolled out of bed at and was out the door at 6:30 to get moving. I ended up doing a full 5-mile loop from home straight back to the front door. Perfection. I had exactly 5 minutes to change my shirt and shoes and head out the door again.

7:28: Out the door for the run to the start. 2 miles, race started at 8, so I was on tap to get there before 7:50 and have a few minutes to chill out.

Halfway there: Realize it's not 2 miles to the start, but 2.5... got some hustlin' to do. Last mile to the 5K start line, 8:40 pace. Whoops.

8 am: 5K start. Start too fast for legs that already have 7.5 miles on them today. Back off, Doug pushes on ahead.

8:28: Finish 5K in 28:14. Wait for dad to see if he'll make his goal time (35 minutes, or at least a PR).

8:36: See Dad, jog down to him and sprint with him back up to the finish line (.25 miles in total).

Dad's got a new PR! 37:02 and 13/55 in his AG!
Hang around, eat pancakes to re-fuel with Mom, Dad, Doug, and Adrienne and listen to age group awards. I finished 6th of 53 in my age group. Not bad. Go visit the chiropractor at the race, get adjusted, get advised to come see a chiro more often (my hips are all kinds of wonky), and get loose again.

10:15: Take off for the last 5.25 miles to get to 16 miles on the day.

11:10: Done and done. 16 miles ticks exactly as I reach the front door. BAM.

I wanted to quit at mile 14. I was ready to be done, but the thought of having only two more miles to go in the span of 16 was nothing, so I pushed on and had an awesome last mile. I did it!

BAM. Done and done! 
It's been a long time since I've run that much (aside from in increments, like at Ragnar), and I felt/feel pretty damn good, considering. I'm really proud of myself for sticking through those solo miles and being able to knock out 16 miles in 2:32 at a 9:30 pace, which is perfectly on target for marathon pacing and I couldn't feel better about it!

Bring it on, LA.

Have you ever done a race to account for a long training run?

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