Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February Recap

I'm far behind in race and month recaps, but February turned out to be pretty freaking fantastic, so I decided it was worth catching up for!

Total run mileage: 118.5 ... new highest monthly mileage ever... and in a short month, too! 
Highest weekly run mileage: 33.3, thanks to Ragnar! 
# Runs: 19
# Rest days: 10 
# Cross-training workouts: Errrr... 1. Whoops?
# Races: A few. Seriously, so far behind on recaps! But Ragnar posts coming soon! :) 
     - Surf City Half Marathon
     - Run for Russ 5K
     - Ragnar Del Sol 

Favorite run: I mean, honestly... even with (some) stranges, you can't beat an experience like Ragnar. I was lucky enough to get a very last minute spot on a Del Sol team that was pretty financially reasonable considering Ragnar is usuallly anything BUT that, and though I knew 4 of my van-mates, the other two I got to share a smelly van with for 37 hours were pretty phenomenal, too. Lucky girl, over here. More on Ragnar soon, promise!
You can only be so lucky, right?
Most hardcore run: That 16 miler I rocked almost entirely by myself! Save for those 3 miles during the 5K where I got to run with 900 other people, I rocked a half marathon totally and completely solo... and turned out to be exactly at race pace average time. Booyah. 

It was after this run that I thought, "Yes, yes I CAN do this," and yes, my goals are possible. (Spoiler: goals coming soon for that little race I've been training for...)

Current need: Good vibes. I had a pretty kick ass interview last week that I am desperately waiting to hear back on, and one more tomorrow that I'm pretty excited about... there's lots coming down the pipeline, I just need something to work out. Please and thank you. 
Current favorite: I'm super excited Sparkly Soul released gift cards, just in time for all the holidays - because people know I love them, and have a billion, so what on earth color to choose? Well, now you don't have to decide for me, kids. You can just gimme the card and I'll decide for myself! 

Current triumph: Knocking out a killer last month of marathon training - 118.5 miles is my highest monthly mileage ever and it was a short month to boot, so I'm pretty stoked. I'm also excited to be an ambassador now for the Lexus Lace Up Running Series - so that means more discounts! Check out my Race Discounts page for information and money-saving codes! 

Current goal: Well, it's officially marathon month. So basically, I'm trying not to freak out all that much and take the next two weeks in (literal) stride as I make my way through our taper peroid and into race weekend. March 15 is the big day -- my official race goals will be up next week, so for now... you'll just have to wait! 

Looking forward to: honestly... race day! Can you tell I'm excited?

What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? What are you looking forward to next month?

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