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Stitch Fix | June 2015

So last month, I finally got my first Stitch Fix box. It was super exciting, and truth be told, a little underwhelming. In fairness though, I think the first box is just a test to see what you're really into, what works and what interests you, and at the same time... what doesn't.

Stich Fix has you fill out an online style profile, which provides outfits for you to rank your interest in (which is hard, because I'll love half the outfit, and then hate the other half), but then also indicate what you're interested in receiving - accessories? Bags? Jewelry? Then, from there, for $20 a month, a stylist will choose 5 items of clothing and/or accessories (jewelry, bags, scarves) based on a style profile you fill out about yourself. You can also use your Pinterest board to show your stylist what you're into, which I think they do a great job looking at. I also love how they piece together outfits and ideas of things you can wear with the things they send:

My stylist this month, Holly, nailed it. As soon as I opened the tissue and saw all the fun florals, colors and patterns popping out at me, I squealed. No lie. 

Papermoon - Waters Printed Maxi Dress ($68)

Holly noted that I said I'm normally all about fit & flares, but that she wanted me to try this out. This dress is a little different though, in that it's got a tie at the waist that can still help me 'fake' a waist (I'm pretty stick-straight in body shape). As soon as I saw the paisley print unfolded, I knew it was love.

Keep it or leave it? Keep it! A little more than I'd spend normally, but it'so soft, flowy, and really... you can't beat maxi dresses in a Southern California summer.

BRIXON IVY - Priya Abstract Floral Print Knit Back Tank ($48) & Kut from The Kloth - Kate Boyfriend Jean ($78)

I was nervous about this top, only because unfolded, it looked very shapeless and hung loose enough that I was worried it'd just hang straight down on me and continue to give me zero shape whatsoever. However, after putting it on, it actually is shapely enough that it hugs in all the right places. I love the floral, fun pattern on the front but the sheer gray fabric on the back. Easy, breezy, and so right. I even have purple cropped slacks that match this to a tee for work. Major win.

Keep it or leave it? Heck yes! Keep it!

The jeans I was also antsy about. I've never tried on nor owned nor worn a pair of boyfriend jeans and all the ones I've seen are slouchy and weird and... well, maybe that's why I've never tried them. So I was a little anxious, but once I put them on... gahhh. They were so stretchy and so comfortable and those are usually the last words I use to describe jeans! As soon as I walked out in them though, I said to Doug, "I'd destroy these in about 5 minutes." White and I are not BFF - but I'd rock these in another color any given day!

Keep it or leave it? Leave it. Another color? They'd totally be a keeper.

Le Sample - Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank ($38)

As soon as I saw the embroidered detail, I was super intrigued by this tank. I love the floral, swirly pattern and thought it contrasted in such a pretty way against the navy and faintly gray stripes. Once it was on, though... meh. It was a surprisingly heavy fabric, and though I realize the photo cuts it off, was an asymmetrical hem which I don't love on anything. The back I loved - though just a racerback, I think it's a totally different cut than I've seen elsewhere and I thought was really neat.

Keep it or leave it? Leave it.

Fun2Fun - Toronto Bicycle Print Split Neck Top ($48)

As soon as I saw this print, I kind of giggled, but loved just how fun and random  the bicycles are! The top is incredibly soft and light (sense a theme? Thank you, 100+-degree-summers!) and perfect with shorts. After rockin' this top around all day today, and getting oodles of compliments, I'm loving it more already. I'm also really excited to pair it with my navy pencil skirt and give it some office flair, too.

Keep it or leave it? Well, the tags are off. Guess it's a keeper!

Totally loved this month and can't wait for more already. This box was a lot more 'me' in terms of patterns (floral, paisley & fun), but also a little experimental, too. Holly nailed it. I'm only going to be doing Stitch Fix once per month (you can do more frequently, every 2-3 weeks), and we'll see how long I'm going to fund this closet project for, but I'm excited!

Are you a Stitch Fix-er? 

All Stitch Fix links in this post are referral links. Should you sign up for Stitch Fix through those links, you benefit me in my referrals and bonuses! Thank you in advance if you do! :)

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