Sunday, August 16, 2015

8 Weeks Until Rock 'n Roll Brooklyn

Eeeeeek, RnR Brooklyn is just EIGHT weeks away. Can you say excited? There's been so much coming out about this race in the last few weeks and I've been collecting it all... now I'm just ready to burst at the seems I am so excited!

First and foremost, the course - running through Prospect Park will be amazing and (I imagine) greener than anything Southern California has seen in months. We'll get to run by the Brooklyn Children's Museum, the Prospect Park Zoo, and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

The second best part for me is the post-concert headliner, which is what Rock 'n Roll is all about (aside from that bling). I'm pretty sure I let out a legit squeal when this e-mail came in a few weeks ago about Nate Ruess being our headliner - I've loved Nate since The Format days certainly, saw him a few times as a part of Fun., and am loving his solo ventures too. Squee! There it is again.

SWAG! This shirt might easily become one of my faves of my running tee collection and I can't wear to rock it after the race on the way home. 

And because, duh,the bling. I love collecting medals from inaugural races so I'm excited this one acknowledges that this is the inagurual half marathon for RnR out this way and hopefully I'll be back to do more in the future!

Wanna run Brooklyn with me? It's still 8 weeks away, you've got time to register! If you're not running Brooklyn, that's okay - come run another Rock 'n Roll race with me and earn those Heavy Medal bad boys. Use code RUNMEGANRUN for $15 off a half or full marathon at any other locations (except Las Vegas). Code unfortunately is not good for Brooklyn or Philly, but they're both still cheap, so get in now!

Will I see you in Brooklyn?


  1. Yes, I'll be there, but as a spectator. My husband will be running the race. We actually live in the neighborhood, so he's excited about having home turf advantage. Prospect Park is great to run in and you'll love the beautiful wide boulevard of Eastern Parkway with its trees and brownstones.

    1. Awesome! My sister lives about 6 miles from Prospect Park and she'll be my spectator too. How nice it's in your back(front?)yard! Hopefully we'll see y'all out there - I can't wait!

  2. I am SO envious. I really really wanted to do this - but the flight is redic from Calgary. And then Add hotel...le day. I am so coming!!! Maybe you can get to VEGAS!!!!

    1. Yeah, I'm super lucky in that my sister lives so close. And I cashed out airline miles for the trip, so I'm making it as cash-free as possible!

      I'll kee you posted on Vegas! :)