Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Exploring the New 'Hood + Sparkly News!

During the summer, my campus is closed on Fridays to use as energy conservation days - pretty awesome. So most of campus works 4-10s Monday-Thursday so you're still pumping out a 40-hour work week with the benefits of 3-day weekends each week between commencement in June and the start of school at the end of September. Pretty sweet, right? Never mind the fact that really, I'm working like 60+-hours between Monday and Thursday, but I will very happily take my Fridays to go! 

Last week, I finally got on an outdoor run and got to check out some of the new neighborhood that Doug and I moved to. I've driven around it a lot, but running? Far from it. We're only about .8 miles from the Pacific Electric Trail, which I see all over my Instagram feed from local running friends and was soo excited to finally go run it for myself!

The trail itself is hot - at least in the stretch I ran, no shade, but it's cool that you can either run (or bike) on either the concrete side or a dirt trail. On tired legs, I very happily took that dirt trail that morning! Spanning 21 miles from Claremont to Rialto, the PET is very much a hot-spot for cyclists, runners and folks just out on a morning stroll with their dog. It's good to know you'd pretty much never be alone on  a run out here! 
Sparkly Soul pictured: Satin Confetti Hearts wide.
The PET follows the route of the legendary Pacific Electric Railway, an electrified railway system famous for their "red cars" that came all the way to San Bernardino from the Pacific coast, through Los Angeles. The building of this railway was crucial in the build-up and growth of the Inland Empire, especially for agricultural industries that popped up (citrus, wine!).  The railway ended operation in the 1950s when the freeway system came to be. One of the last remaining railway depots of the San Bernardino line is at Etiwanda, just up the road from where we are and was my first view of the trail! Pretty cool (I think I get my train and history nerdiness from my dad, because he just loved this stuff!) 

You'll notice I also got to rock my newest Sparkly Soul headband too -- stoked to announce that I've been asked to come back as an ambassador for a second year to represent my favorite running accessory company everrrrrr. Who doesn't wanna sparkle on a run?

Tickled pink to be back, too!

I mean... with like 30 of them in my bathroom, you might think I love them just a little bit, right? And to think, there are still colors I don't have in my collection that I want to add soon! Can you say #addicted? I might have to get this one for RnR Brooklyn, too...

Needless to say, I truly believe in their products and am the biggest fan. I love getting to represent them all over the west coast at races and getting to introduce people to the sparkliest, best headbands ever! Hopefully I'll get to again soon!

I am super grateful they've asked me to come back and can't wait to share the Sparkly love some more wherever I go. If you haven't tried them, please feel free to ask! They are velvet-lined, which truly helps the grip on your hair so they're not moving and sliding around everywhere while you work out. I only run in these guys, and will even wear one under a visor, just so I know the sparkle is there, even if no one else can see!

More sparkles coming at you soon! 

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