Tuesday, September 8, 2015

DIY Jewelry Display

I haven't gotten to DIY anything in awhile, so I was pretty pumped when I decided to give myself a chance to have a little crafty fun and put this pretty lady together:

The inspiration came from places like this on Etsy, where they're sold for $60+ (okay, so that one was $40 but small!) and I realized that, certainly, I could make my own for at least half the cost of that. Challenge accepted. Granted, mine won't have a neat little shelf, but I'll survive.

- Open frame (I got mine 50% on a Hobby Lobby sale weekend) = $14
- Wire mesh ($2.99 per sheet at Hobby Lobby x 2) = $6
- Cup hooks ($1.99 for 6 x 2) = $4
- Sawtooth hangers = $2
- Paint, as needed (already had)
- Staple gun

You can also find a supremely heinous old frame at Goodwill or equivalent, remove the glass and equally heinous art, and give it a new life, not to mention save some cash! I stumbled upon these open frames at Hobby Lobby and it was just too perfect to pass up.

This wire mesh I got at HL too, in the paper section of all places. I've also seen suggestions all around the inaternet of using radiator sheet cover from Home Depot, or legit chicken wire also from Home Depot. My two sheets of wire covered this frame perfectly, so I stuck with them.

First, you need to grab a staple gun andr staple your wire meshing into the back of the frame. Ideally, you staple it into the grooved setting (like where the glass would sit) so that there's space between the wire and what will end up being the wall. Otherwise, you can staple it onto the actual back of the frame, but then you'll need to create a spacing between that and the wall. A small piece of wood works just fine for this. Trim wire as needed (I had some folding over the edge, so I opted to trim it all down.

I knew that I wanted my organizer to hold not only earrings, but somewhere that my mass amount of necklaces could go too. I purposefully bought a frame thick enough so that I could screw these little cup hooks into it at the bottom to serve as hooks to hang all my necklaces from. I nailed the initial holes into the frame, but thankfully the frame 'wood' was so soft, the hooks slid right in after that. I love how they turned out!

And just because I'm a little OCD about gold/silver combinations, I ended up painting my wire meshing black, that way the frame only sported gold in the hooks at the bottom. Otherwise, you can leave it however you want, but I recommend spray painting your wire rather than paint-and-brushing it like I did (a royal pain, FYI).

But she turned out just perfect and for a grand total of just $26! I think I win with this one and am so excited about how perfectly it holds all my earrings and (though it looks a mess) all my necklaces too! I wish there were a way to create a place for stud earrings, but that'll take some creative brainpower for another day!

Have you made your own jewelry organizer? I'd love to see it! Email runnermegan10@gmail.com to show it off, and I'd love to post some more inspirations in the future!

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