Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bling of a Different Variety

... and not of the race/running kind (shocker, I know!).

When this blog first started, it was mostly about my adventures in DIY-ing and refurbing furniture I was buying off Craigs List or at Goodwill in Georgia and creating myself a home on a very slim budget. Since then, however, it's obviously taken a great spin into the world of races, race recaps and training plans as I've hit the pavement and gone off the deep end with all these races! But I'm glad that somewhere deep down inside, I still have a crafty hand and creative mind to get some DIY fun done. I've wanted to make myself a jewelry hanger for the longest time and it was the last big box of stuff for me to unpack after moving into our place in June. After researching and seeing on Etsy than the average person was charging $65+ for one of these, I said no way and decided to go my own way...

And I'm pretty stoked with how it turned out! Easy instructions here for how to make your own and create a nice little display for yourself. This is living in our closet, but it's perfect because it finally keeps all my baubles in one place - which is what I've been missing for about two years, so I'm stoked to finally have my jewelry out in one place.

Because I'm on my way to getting more, obviously! With all my love for Stitch Fix, this new super fab company reached out to me about building my jewelry collection with them too. Rocksbox is a new team that is similar to Stitch Fix in the way that you complete a style survey, tell them what you're into, what you're not, whether you're a gold or silver girl, statement or delicate type, and each month they'll send you three new pieces from the likes of Kendra Scott, Perry Street and Sophie Harper.
First box excitement!
You like any of the pieces? Buy 'em! You don't, or maybe you have a wedding that you would love to keep that necklace for, but otherwise wouldn't want it? Keep the pieces as long as you'd like, and when you're done... return them and you'll get your next set!

It's like oogling over pieces that you'd never actually buy but would love to sport for a day or two, or at a fancy pants party at a time (or three!). I'm a total sucker for costume jewelry (but have toned it down some) so Rocksboxes are perfect mixes of whimsy and fun, but also prim and polished.

Loved this Kendra Scott necklace!
I am way excited about building my slightly more professional bling collection so I can still wear some fun stuff around the office, but look like the almost-30-year old I am! By night though? That's a totally different story!

You want to join me in the Rocks fun? You can create your account and do your style survey here - be sure to use code runmeganrunxoxo and your first month will be free to test the waters and see if you like what they're all about!

Are you a totally bling-fiend (running medals or otherwise)?


  1. I love jewelry but don't wear it often! I did sign up for the RocksBox though with your code. I'll see what happens!

    1. Awesome - I'm excited to see what you get! I just sent back my first box, so looking forward to a second set. Let me know what you think!