Friday, September 11, 2015

Stitch Fix 3 | August 2015

I've been such a super slacker at posting my Fixes, which have been both a mix of 'meh' and 'awesome', just not always in my budget. I didn't even like most of July's so I think I even sent it all back and didn't even do a post about it! See? Megan fail.  Despite selecting my price ranges for items, and the fact that I have total control over that, it's still hard in my head to break outside the Target price range and allow myself to buy better, nicer things. I know it's an investment that will last me longer than cheapy stuff, but sometimes... that's just hard. August's fix was no different.

If you've been living under a rock, Stich Fix has you fill out an online style profile, which provides outfits for you to rank your interest in (which is hard, because I'll love half the outfit, and then hate the other half), but then also indicate what you're interested in receiving - accessories? Bags? Jewelry? Then, from there, for $20 a month, a stylist will choose 5 items of clothing and/or accessories (jewelry, bags, scarves) based on a style profile you fill out about yourself. You can also use your Pinterest board to show your stylist what you're into, which I think they do a great job looking at. I also love how they piece together outfits and ideas of things you can wear with the things they send:

June's fix.
Because this box came right at the end of Orientation season and I was pretty much a walking zombie, I didn't get to take decent photos, so they're all floor-mirror selfies. Classy, I know. I also didn't even manage to keep the profile on all the items I received! Super fail. That's one thing I wish you could do on your Stitch Fix profile, is go back and see past boxes to either a) order or b) just remember what it was you sent back. I think it'd be neat, especially in the case that you just love a top or dress but can't afford the box that month, why not be able to order in the future?

Again, being that I have no idea what these were called, who they were by, or even what the prices were (generally), this is going to be the worst review ever. Take it or leave it, as I did with some of these items!

I had mentioned that I was going to an evening wedding on the beach at the end of September, so I wanted an evening-appropriate but beacy-easy-going dress to wear. This is actually really a pale peach color with tiny black polka dots in the lace. I loved everything about it, minus the fact that it was like $75 - just a tad outside what I wanted for a dress. Though I knew I'd wear it a lot, because it'd be great with a blazer but also great with a jean jacket and sandals. This was hard to send back.

Though I loved the almost body-con idea, this had ruching and hugged in ALL the wrong places - looking like I have a belly much? I mean, I do, but not like that! Wore it for three seconds and put it immediately into the send-back-bag. 

I'm still asking for new tops for work, and I loved the color of this one and how light the fabric is. This was a keeper, even with the $45 tag. I also asked for skinny jeans and while these were beyond comfortable, it was hard to say yes to $100 jeans that I'd still have to get hemmed for another few bucks. Meh. 

Just long enough to be awkward and not quite the 'skinny' style.


I also finally checked off that I'd like some accessories too. This was my first piece and while I also loved it a lot (I don't have anything like it), the price tag was hard ($50ish). It was super fun, but also with the new addition of Rocksbox in my line up, I've got a new way to get my jewelry fix, too!

All in all, all I kept was the teal top and wore it work immediately. Despite having tons of blues in my closet, teal is one color I'm short on and wore anything I had in teal - tops, dresses, earrings - for about a week straight. I guess I go through some color phases a little bit.

I've actually also downgraded to receiving my fixes every other month. Until I can justify, again, or convince myself that the budget is worth it, I've opted to ease off and let myself really decide what I like. I'm not shopping for clothes between receiving them anyway, so receiving them every other month won't be devastating to my closet or leave me desperately wanting more. We'll see how it goes - one more box in a few weeks and then not again until November. 

Have you tried Stitch Fix? Or do you  prefer doing your own shopping? :)

All Stitch Fix links in this post are referral links. Should you sign up for Stitch Fix or Rocksbox through those links, you benefit me in my referrals and bonuses! Thank you in advance if you do! :)

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