Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Yawwwwn. It’s only Monday? This weekend was ridiculously fabulously awesome, but man… having a life and having fun is TIRING, yo!

Friday night, of course, is football night, and I headed out with Doug’s mom to their homecoming game on Friday evening. Not the outcome hoped for, so boo to that, but it was a beautiful night out and made it feel like it actually hadn’t been 100+ outside earlier in the day.

Saturday morning I was back at run club after missing last week due to work. We had an awesome 6 mile run at race pace planned but Jacky and Monica were planning on more (because they’re both about to rock some fulls in a few weeks), so after they all came back, we went out for 4.5 more to round up to 10.5 (in my case). I needed to get in the direction of home, so I planned on doing 2.6 more at home on the treadmill to get to 13.1 ‘caus why not? And then discovered that the fans in the gym didn’t work and it was already 90+ outside, so there was no way that was about to happen. Nuh-uh. I was a little bummed, but took it as a sign to get home and chill for a bit before I headed out with my mom and sister to get wedding-ready!

My sister came in to town just Thursday evening and was only here until Sunday morning, so I'm glad I got some extra time with her over manis & pedis - plus I'm the one that picked her up from the airport since I couldn't take Friday off to go kayaking with her and my parents. Womp! 

We clean up pretty good.
A long-time family friend got married Saturday evening – by long-time, I mean my mom grew up with her mom in the LA Hungarian circle, so this was much a reunion for folks I hadn’t seen in a LONG time! Doug got to meet a whole bunch of folks who he had met once like two years ago, but it was a great night of celebrating, seeing old friends and of course, wine. Doug and I had been up and going since 6:30 am, so getting back from Malibu at 1 am was beyond exhausting…

Family selfie!
My sister & I with the gorgeous bride. <3
… so sleeping in until 9:30 am on Sunday was DELIGHTFUL. So very needed. I felt a little guilty not getting up and getting my run in (goals to meet, people!) but sometimes… it’s just needed. We headed out for lunch with my grandma and uncle who just got back from their two-week trip to Italy, so we finally got to hear all about it!

And from there, naturally, we didn’t stop, but headed down to Carson to get to the second to last Galaxy game of the season! Doug is now good luck, as they’ve always won when he’s gone, and as the Galaxy are tied for second and only one point behind first, we needed it! 3-2 win, for the books – you bet I’m dragging him to the last home game in a few weeks!

Galaxy win, woot!
And finally home again for some last-minute weekend work, and crashed hard at 11 pm. Ugh, Monday. You can always expect they’re going to suck… and they generally do. But it’s the first Monday of the first full week of classes on campus, so there’s a new kind of buzz going around too and I like it! Happy Monday – going to make it a good one and I hope you do, too!

I hope to make someone’s Monday by finally announcing the winner of the Tiux giveaway from a few weeks back after Ventura! Congratulations to

Aileen, you've been emailed and have until Thursday, October 1 to claim your prize! Congratulations!

How was your weekend?

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