Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites #4

You can run this virtual race with me anytime September 26 - October 8. Register here with code MEGAN to save $5 on any of the race distances. Includes race bib, technical race shirt, LED running armband, bag of snacks, finisher's medal and a mystery prize! 10K and half-marathoners receive an extra armband! I hate running at night, but I’m all about the glow sticks and neon fun, so count me in! Join me?

2.       School’s Back!
The university I work at is on the quarter system – it’s still SO WEIRD to me, but whatever. Yesterday school finally started back up again, so it’s awesome seeing the buzz and life back on campus! This week has been all KINDS of insane, and therefore not a lot of miles goin’ down which makes me super sad, but oh well. Such is life, right, and sometimes the paycheck takes precedence over getting in a few miles. I’m hoping tonight before football!

We held two inaugural programs that have certainly been eating up all of our time, but turned out beyond awesome. First, our New Student Convocation which is like the official welcome to our new students from returning students, faculty and staff from all over campus. We had a full house and heard some great things so I think it paid off. The second program (my big baby) is a series of “Ask me!” tables around campus (think like info tables) to give directions, help new students find buildings, get folks to the correct offices for help, and so on. It’s 5 days, 10 hours, and a total of about 550 1-hour shifts to coordinate. Amazing. It’s just day 2 now, but so far, so good… and TONS of great reviews. Hard work pays off, yo.

3.       Birthday Week!
My birthday is alllllllllllllmost here (next Thursday) and I’ve got tons of awesome gifts and prizes to give away, so I’m super stoked. Many thanks to so many amazing companies who are contributing to my #30thbirthdayblogblowout and giving YOU GUYS the chance to win some super sweet birthday presents!

So much fun stuff to give away and I just can’t wait! See more next week for all that it entails – and GET EXCITED!

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend?

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